Don’t end up like Wally Pipp – by Louie Bernstein

Most people don’t know who Wally Pipp was.  However, most people, and just about every baseball fan, have heard of Lou Gehrig.

Don’t be a Wally Pipp. Stay in the game.

In 1925 Wally Pipp was the first baseman for the New York Yankees.  As the legend goes, Wally Pipp had a headache that day.  “I can’t play today Hug”, Wally told the Yankees manager, Walter Huggins.  Huggins put in a rookie named Lou Gehrig.  Gehrig didn’t come out of the starting lineup for another 2,130 games and became the Iron Man of baseball.

Ever feel like calling in sick because you just don’t have your “A-game?”
Think you have enough deals in your pipeline?
No need to sweat making a few more calls because you have the sales contest locked up?

If so, remember Wally Pipp.  Given hindsight, do think Wally would have toughed out one more game?  I guarantee he would.  When you think you can coast, understand that your competition is busy calling your customers.  To be on top, and stay there, you need to be an Iron Man or Iron Woman.   Never quit.  Get your butt to the office or on the phone.  Make that, one more call – because if you don’t someone else will and you’ll be sitting on the bench next to Wally Pipp.

Sales Homework – This week put in an extra half hour past when you wanted to go home.  Call a customer you haven’t spoken with in over 90 days or call 10 new prospects.  This week, go the extra mile and stay in the game.

Sales Managers – Are your team members inspired enough to do the extra things necessary to be Hall of Famers?  Lead by example.  Be the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night.  Show them the commitment needed to win.


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