The Myth Behind the Stampede to Sales 2.0 – by Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Sales 2.0 is becoming the new mantra for organizations that offer sales training, sales coaching and social media support.  The reason is that to sell the mundane what has been sold for countless years does require a change of packaging so that what is being sold seems relevant.

By combining customer relationship management software systems with interactive Internet technology considered Web 2.0, provides businesses the opportunities to expand their influence on the web as well as their overall Internet market presence. With many social media sites using interactive technology such as WordPress, businesses and salespeople alike are able to reach out and touch their potential customers with greater frequency.

However, the myth behind Sales 2.0 is by embracing some CRM software, by becoming more active through social media, your business or you will magically increase sales much like the “build it and they will come bandwagon” mentality when websites first made their presence known.

There is nothing magic about realizing the goal to increase sales.

There are no quick fixes.

There is no one size fits all.

There is very little difference between how we sell today in the 21st century and how we sold back in the first century.

Some people have a want or a need or maybe both.

Other people have solutions to address those wants or needs.

Pretty simple and yet people want to make it far more complex, more complicated, more protracted. Their reasons for making this far more complicated are many, from buy my CRM system, to buy my sales training program, to hire me for your social media marketing.

Yes, maybe you may require a new way to track customer relationships, some updated sales training specific to sales skills such as leveraging emotional intelligence, or some support in staying active in social media.  However, these should be tactics or sub goals to support your overall goal to grow the company not only in sales, but customer loyalty (both internal and external), improve profits and be viewed as a positive corporate community member.

In other words, what is your strategic plan?  How do your strategies work with your existing structure, your processes, your rewards and your people?

For without a solid strategic plan, a solid predetermined course of action, you are in the role of Captain Wing It 2.0, having just graduated from the role of Captain Wing It 1.0. Nothing has really changed and because nothing has really change, your results will remain the same.

Myths stay alive because people are constantly feeding them, usually because feeding them is self serving. Sales 2.0 is no exception.

Great sales people know:

  • People buy from people they know and trust
  • People buy first on emotion; justified by logic
  • People buy on value unique to them

Understanding these three simple buying rules that have been around for eons and authentically utilizing them will allow you to increase sales without being trampled by the frenzied Sales 2.0 stampede.


About the Author:

Leanne Hoagland-Smith, the Strategic Tactician, is an author, corporate coach and executive consultant who supports crazy busy forward thinking leaders at all levels and in all industries who are tired of the current status quo, of repetitive problems and truly want sustainable results for their teams as well as their selves. Call 219.759.5601 or email at