Don’t Let The Competition Eat Away At Your Company’s Sales – by Howard Lewinter

I live in South Florida. In all of the tourist and relocation information about Florida, never do they mention the bugs, the snakes, the alligators, the iguanas, the killer bees, the ants, the lizards, the rats and other assorted wildlife that flourish here in the Sunshine State.

We all hope for world peace. Since I was a child, people have always talked about how the next war or conflict was going to create everlasting peace. But observing the bugs, snakes, birds, lizards and other wild creatures here in Florida, I realized, somebody is always eating somebody. The bugs eat other bugs, the lizards eat the bugs, the birds eat the lizards and the bugs, the snakes eat the bird eggs and the iguanas eat your flowering hibiscus. You get the picture.

One time I observed one of our neighbors on their knees around the palm trees in their front yard. It’s really unusual to see people outside their air-conditioned houses in South Florida–especially in the hot, humid summer months.

To my surprise, they were hovered over a tiny baby owl that had fallen out of its nest. They were calling everyone they could think of to see how they could save the life of this bird. Now this was certainly a humane and admirable thing to do. To them the bird was a cuddly little baby they wanted to save. But to the snake, lizard or mouse, the owl was an enemy.  The owl, when it grows up, views them as breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Somebody is ALWAYS eating somebody.

I hope and pray for world peace someday. But the moral of the story is:

Just like all the insects and animals living here in South Florida, your competition is looking to prey on your business.

Gobble up your best employees. Especially your best salespeople. Gobble up as many customers or clients as possible.  Gobble up your share of the marketplace.

Don’t let the competition eat away at your sales base which is the lifeblood of your company.

Don’t let the competition consume all that you have worked so hard to create.

Be aware of what’s happening around you. Protect your business and your sales base.

Because somebody is always eating somebody, not just in the animal world but in the business world too. And you don’t want your business gobbled up, do you?


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