Selling While Beaming With Pride – by Mark Popp

Mark Popp

Selling has always been an important part of our lives.  Everyone sells and everyone is sold to.  The subject of sales and the myriad and constantly-evolving impacts on each and every sale fascinates me.  “Selling By Building” was born out of my long-time love and passion for sales, selling, customer service, business development, communications and relationship building.  Some people sadly are never granted the opportunity in life to focus solely on what they love; that is exactly what I have chosen to do and I am bursting at the seams with excitement, passion, and enthusiasm.  Selling is a profession that drives our economy; it is also a great, challenging, exciting, and very rewarding career path for anyone to pursue.  The need for and the opportunities that exist are great and growing for salespeople.  Especially those who are naturally gifted at relationship building and who invest time and energy into being the best they can be and into getting better every single day.


Nothing is more important to our long-term success in both sales and life than our ability to consistently build strong, trusting, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with every single person we interact with, on a daily basis; one step, and one positive interaction at a time.

Distinguishing Ourselves

How do honest, hard-working, and long-term-success-oriented salespeople and businesspeople achieve the highest possible levels of long-term career success despite the many obstacles—competition, general mistrust, tight budgets, poor economy, etc.—that we are so often up against?  By passionately living, breathing, and adhering to the following list of 10 areas of suggested focus:

1. Focus on giving more than receiving—professionally, personally, consistently.

2. Invest time and money into helping you achieve your goal of being a great communicator—listening (listening always comes first!), speaking, writing, body language.  If you communicate effectively, efficiently, honestly, and in an inspiring and motivating fashion, people will listen.

3. Never stop building your confidence.  This does not mean be arrogant!  Arrogance repels; be quietly confident.

4. Be a leader.  We need leaders.  Your company needs Leaders.  The world needs leaders.  Focus on being a great leader by helping others who need your leadership; people will follow.

5. Be entertaining.  Everyone these days seems to be highly stressed.  So many worries weigh us down as we try to successfully manage and juggle our daily responsibilities.  People need to laugh!  I need to laugh!  People, including your potential customers, need help lowering their personal stress levels; they need help to feel better about themselves and their lives.  Entertain!  Make people smile!  Make people laugh!  I’ve always told my children that every time you make someone smile you add seven minutes to their lives.   I always take it upon myself to be a positive influence on people and every environment I work in.

6. Seek to establish lifelong customer relationships. This is where the best of the best distinguish themselves.  One quick sale is nice; but lifelong customers are the foundation of great success for salespeople and businesses.

7. Focus on Pay It Forward every day.  The Movie Pay It Forward should be required viewing for all seven billion people on Earth!  Help other people; give of yourself freely every single day; create goodwill; build positive momentum.  Our focus on this will quickly make the world a far better place for all of us. 

8. Be goal-driven.  “Set goals” is a cliché, but you do need to set goals, write them down, express them to others, track them, revise them, and use them as a motivating tool. Wake up each day with great purpose and focus.

9. After the sale customer focus.  Follow up.  Keep in touch.  Build and strengthen your relationship.  Consistently and relentlessly seek customer feedback and advice.  The average salesperson has forgotten about this customer and is just looking for other new customers to get a one-time-only quick sale again.  The best of the best follow two paths simultaneously: they seek new customers while at the same time maintaining, strengthening, and building their existing customer relationships, thus earning additional sales, referrals, and recommendations.

 10. Adopt an entrepreneurial attitude and perspective.  Be creative.  Generate new ideas.  Think outside the box.  Instead of being perceived solely as a salesperson, position yourself as a trusted business partner.  Make it your mission to help your customer achieve increasing levels of success and profitability.  Position yourself as a trusted partner and you will be perceived as being far more valuable than just a salesperson seeking a quick sale.

To be the best we have to immerse ourselves in the world of selling and business development.  We have to commit to being a student of human nature and all of the factors and variables that impact a buying decision.  We need to become experts on the subjects of wants and needs, motivation, and communications. Never stop learning and growing while staying entirely focused on helping others with a great attitude and success will not only find you, but never leave you alone!

“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it. But if you love what you are doing and always put the customer first, success will be yours. Ray Kroc


Mark Popp founded “Selling By Building” in order to help organizations generate the necessary short-term results in order to meet business goals, while instilling a relationship-based customer-interaction approach, which helps produce lifetime customers for repeat business. Mark is a passionate motivator who has demonstrated his ability to improve business cultures while improving bottom-line performance. His range of experience includes sales, customer care and finance; therefore he brings a unique perspective to the customer-interaction training industry. Merging natural aptitude, business expertise and a true passion for helping businesses achieve success is what sets Mark apart from others. You can connect with Mark at his website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email–, or telephone–315-744-6275.