The Di Franco Brothers: The Two Hardest Working People I Know!

Robert Terson

I’ve known Marco and Chris Di Franco for about 12 years. Nicki and I first met them at their original Nino’s location in Buffalo Grove, Illinois—they had a takeout pizza restaurant and a small fine-dining restaurant right next door. We were there every Thursday night without fail. It didn’t matter if a particular dish I craved wasn’t on the menu that night, all I had to do was ask Chris and he had it made special for me. I wept when they moved to their new grand digs a mile away and the small restaurant I had come to love had to close down. Today their renowned pizza and catering location is at 960 S. Buffalo Grove Road, just south of Dundee Road, 847-947-4111. You’ll never order a finer pizza! They also have a great restaurant in Mt.Prospect, Canta Napoli at 90 E. Busse Avenue, 847-670-1440. Nicki and I go there whenever we can; it’s to die for, it’s so good!

The Di Franco brothers are descendants of restaurant people going way back. I recall a black-and-white photograph of them taken when they were just children, surrounded by their huge extended family; it’s the kind of photograph that makes you feel warm all over—a loving family enjoying each other’s company. I think of that photograph because these two amazing young men have shown such great respect for their family history by carrying on the family traditions of working hard and providing their customers a dining experience that can only be described as Extraordinary! I’ve watched them work: no detail is too small to care about; “quality” isn’t a buzzword to them, it’s the very essence of why they’re in business. They’re both amazing husbands and fathers, too.

Okay, yeah, I love these two guys; I sort of adopted them years ago and as their success has grown…and grown…and grown…I’ve watched from afar and felt the same kind of immense pride I do for my own children’s success. I can’t quite explain why that is, but it is.

The main point of this blog, though, is to tell you how hard they’ve worked to earn all the wonderful success they’ve achieved. I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as Marco and Chris. No one is more deserving of the success they’ve achieved than them. To coin a phrase that the late actor John Houseman (The Paper Chase) made famous in the Smith Barney commercials he did: “They make money the old-fashioned way. They earn it.”

How about you? Do you work that hard? Are you earning all the money you could be making? Do you have the kind of pride and dedication that Marco and Chris Di Franco display every day of their working lives? Do you care the way they care? Does providing great value to your customers take center stage for you the way it does for them?

Just asking…


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