The Prize Doesn’t Mean That Much to You

Robert Terson

You want to lose ten pounds; in fact, you’ve wanted to lose the ten pounds for a couple of years now, but you just can’t seem to accomplish this simple goal. And make no mistake about it, my friends, it is a simple goal; there isn’t anything all that complicated about dropping ten pounds: you just consume less calories than you burn. That’s it—no rocket science to it.

Same story holds true for increasing your sales: you work a bit harder; you work somewhat smarter; you study more and become more knowledgeable, you take more action (make more calls, talk to more people, give more presentations), you refuse to settle for less.

So what is it that’s holding you back? Why is it so damn hard for you to take the necessary action to achieve these simple goals?

The prize doesn’t mean that much to you! You don’t want it badly enough!

Au contraire, you say—“I want it so bad it’s driving me right up a wall! I think about it all the time; in fact, I can’t stop thinking about it! It’s just that I cannot get over the hump to pull the trigger. Or I pull the trigger and take action for a while…until, poof, I lose focus and my commitment withers on the vine. Damn!”

Really? Have you been kidnapped by evil spirits who’ve tied you up and held you captive? Are you no longer in control of your free will? Is that it, Bunky? Must be, right? Because you claim that you do, indeed, want it badly enough, that the prize means a lot to you.

To that I say, BALONEY!!! There are no excuses, no alibis, no evil spirits, no psychological mumbo-jumbo. It’s just you not being hungry enough, not caring enough about the prize.

Here’s a link to a video I want you to watch. Its message is just as simple as your goal. Watch it—the man speaking is Eric Thomas, a noted motivational speaker whom I greatly admire; if afterwards you’re not motivated to pull the trigger and take the necessary permanent action to achieve your goal, so be it. At least you’ll understand why that’s the case.


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