The 3 Key Rules of Mind Reading for Major Sales Increases – by Andrea Waltz

The most important thing about mind reading is that you are accurate. Make sure you are reading the mind of the person in front of you and not someone else nearby. But when done well, sales increases are virtually guaranteed!

Wait. What? You can’t read minds?  Yeah, I knew that. Okay, this is not a big deal. Don’t worry, most people can’t read minds so you’ll be just fine. I’ll just re-adjust the headline.

3 Ways to get Major Sales Increases for Non-Mind Reading Salespeople

1. One of the challenges for all salespeople who can’t read minds (or determine a person or companies’ budget) is to avoid “selling from your own wallet.”  It’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter what you think is a lot to spend on a product or service, it only matters what the customer thinks!  When I was in the retail industry, we had a saying which was, “never beat the customer to the cash register.” But many did. Even as the customer lingered on an additional products the sales person was asking, ‘cash or charge?’ And one other point, if the customer has not expressed certain price limitations, then the salesperson should not be the one focused on price as the main factor when showing products and services.

2. Since we know you can’t read minds, this will force you into asking questions. The good news is this actually works! You’d be surprised the amount of information you can gather with a few questions. And, it shows that you actually care about the person’s needs rather than just making a sale.

3. One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is to assume that customers are well educated about all of their products and services and so they figure if the customer wants or needs something, they’ll ask. Back to item #1, since many salespeople tend to sell from their own wallet, selling “up, down, across, and sideways” doesn’t happen. This is a reactive position; it does not drive sales nor does it do anything to make the customer feel like they are getting great service. Make sure the customer gets educated on other options they may not know about.

Oh sure, if you could read minds it would all be so much easier! But you can do this!

And remember – there’s not much worse than a non-mind reading salesperson that tries anyway. It rarely goes well. So keep these three tips in mind and you’ll do great.


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