I Thought I Was Being Myself on Sales Calls, Until Someone Told Me This – by Ian Adams

Are you really being yourself on your sales calls?

I know I wasn’t.

Every time I made a sales call, I subconsciously became just like every other salesman. My voice changed. My tone changed. I spoke a little deeper. I became serious. I was all business, focused on getting the close.

And the person on the other end of the phone saw me exactly for what I’d become. An emotionless, mechanical robot trying to sell them a product. I had become the salesperson I never wanted to become.

But that was the only way I was taught. To be firm. Overcome objections. Go for the close. And don’t take no for an answer.

Sound familiar? Yes.

Well there’s something you should know. The fact is people don’t like to buy from salespeople like that.

They want to buy from people they like. Someone relate-able that understands their needs. Not from an uptight, emotionless robot.

This is the behavior of an average salesperson.

So, I’m going to tell you how to be better than average

You must be yourself. There, I said it.

You have to be authentic. That makes the biggest difference in sales.

Think about who you are outside of the office. You laugh and joke with your friends. You have a unique personality and unique interests.

That same person needs to show up on your sales calls.

Average salespeople live two separate lives with two different personalities. One at the office and one at home. A “work persona” and a “personal persona”.

Maybe you act and talk differently at work than you do around your friends.

Well, think about this. What if you were the same person in both environments? What if you could be yourself 24 hours a day?

Here’s the good news. You can. And you should.

A split personality may work fine for people in back-office roles. Like marketing, accounting or product development. But you are the face and voice of your product.

Your prospects need to trust you. So how can they trust you if you aren’t even honest with yourself?

Be yourself on sales calls. And if your self isn’t good enough today, than go to work on a better self for tomorrow.


Ian Adams is the founder of Senator Club. An excellent resource for entrepreneurs and sales professionals to get really, really ridiculously good at sales. All his sales strategies and tips come directly from [continue reading] You can follow Ian at Twitter and LinkedIn.


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