7 Quick Strategies to Coach Your Sales Team to Success vs. Attrition – by Carolyn Coradeschi

If you’re intention is to build a strong, successful sales team that stays the course, stop and take a look at your leadership style.  Are you coaching your team to success or micromanaging them, which can lead to attrition? You are managing vs. coaching when you do the following…

1. When you focus on hitting budget numbers vs. achieving the salesperson’s personal and income goals.  The right focus matters.

2. When you hit your salespeople over the head and insist on results vs. coaching them with a process and positive strategies including specific action steps.

3. When you allow them to retreat to themselves vs. holding them accountable to meeting for 1:1 strategy sessions with you to help them move out of their comfort zones and into their stretch zones.

4. When you allow negative behaviors or low performance to continue vs. immediately discussing them for an opportunity for turnaround.

5. When you neglect to support your salesperson develop a structure or sales process to move their accounts forward.

6. When you throw your people out in the sales field without proper training and consistent coaching and expect them to succeed.

7. When you lump your entire sales team into one group and manage them the same vs. showing them that you care for them as individuals – each with different motivations.

How do you currently show that you care about each member of your sales team as an individual?  Some of the best managers I had back in my medical selling days, set aside weekly coaching sessions to discuss my individual wins and challenges.  It wasn’t a discussion about my numbers, but a customized action plan for success.

If you were to co-create a tailored action plan for each member of your team, what would it look like?  Wait, before you design it, reach out to each of your team members and schedule a success call to get them involved, give input and follow through.


Carolyn is the author of The Rainmaker’s Quick Guide to Lasting Sales Success and a Professional Certified Coach, accredited through ICF. She is the President of her own sales-coaching practice, Rainmaker Mindset, LLC. Her global coaching clients (VP’s of Sales, sales professionals and entrepreneurs) benefit from the superior sales skills she learned and applied successfully during her 30 year sales and management career.  Her speaking engagements help sales professionals get in with the gatekeepers, meet with the decision makers to speed up the sales process and close the deal. You can connect with Carolyn at her website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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