A Book Review – “DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected: for professional sellers” by Deb Calvert

Robert Terson

Cover_Final_bookToday’s blog is a book review of Deb Calvert’s DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected: for professional sellers, which was released in September 2013.

Deb Calvert is a friend and guest-post contributor to this site. She hosts the CONNECT! Online radio show for selling professionals, and as President and Founder of People First Productivity Solutions, Deb consults with companies on boosting productivity through people and process development. This includes leadership program design and facilitation, strategic planning and performance management program design. Deb is certified to facilitate The Leadership Challenge® and works as a Humanistic Performance Coach. She is also certified as an Executive Coach, Master Sales Coach and Master Trainer. Deb’s blend of senior-level Sales, Human Resources, and Operations experience give her a unique perspective in understanding the challenges faced by companies and senior leaders.

DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected: for professional sellers is one of the best sales books I’ve ever gotten my hands on. Unlike the vast majority of sales books, it held my interest from start to finish. It also gave me invaluable insight, a fresh perspective to the questioning process we all know is so important for success in sales. As my friend David Brock said in his Amazon.com review of Deb’s book, “Questions, that is effective questions and questioning, represent the cornerstone of all high impact customer meetings. Too often, however, we fail to have a questioning strategy that enables both the customer and us to get the most out of each conversation. Deb Calvert’s DISCOVER Questions provides a thoughtful and pragmatic guide for all sales professionals. It’s definitely a book that needs to be in arm’s reach.”

This book is going to put you in touch with the important questions [DISCOVER Questions™, Deb calls them] that are the key to making strong connections with the people you desire to do business with. DISCOVER Questions™ were developed over 25 years of analyzing questions and how they are used in selling. Deb Calvert has grouped these questions and identified the eight distinct types of questions you can use strategically when working with buyers. The research she put into this book takes my breath away; this was no “slap-it-together” project!

Here’s a breakdown of the Table of Contents:


Part I – Connecting is the Essence of Selling

Chapter 1     Connect by Building Trust

Chapter 2     They Don’t Care How Much You Know…

Chapter 3     Connecting by Aligning with the Buyer

Chapter 4     Value is Inherently Personal

Chapter 5     Connect by Adding & Creating Value

Chapter 6     Differentiate Yourself to Show Value

Chapter 7     Connect by Questioning with Intent

Chapter 8     How to Construct Effective Questions

Chapter 9     Connect by “Staying in the Moment”

Chapter 10    Questions to Avoid

Chapter 11    Connect with Active Listening

Part II – Using DISCOVER Questions™ to Connect

Chapter 12    Introduction to DISCOVER Questions™

Chapter 13    Data Questions

Chapter 14    Issue Questions

Chapter 15    Solution Questions

Chapter 16    Consequence Questions

Chapter 17    Outcome Questions

Chapter 18    Value Questions

Chapter 19    Example Questions

Chapter 20    Rationale Questions

Part III – Skills Practice

Chapter 21    Becoming a Question Detective

Chapter 22    Crafting Your Own DISCOVER Questions™

I won’t review a book unless I think it’ll provide you value and make you money. I believe DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected: for professional sellers will provide you great value and help you make more money. Order it today!


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