Lessons [for B2B Sales] from a VC on the Importance of Writing – by John Cousineau

In a recent post, Brad Feld, the Managing Director at the Foundry Group, explained why he writes things down. To be helpful. And to learn. Which helps him be even more helpful. Some of his key points:

  • “I think stories and examples are often the best way for people to learn things, including me.”
  • “By writing down my thoughts about situations, I process them.”
  • “I try to do it in a way that [enables people] … to talk clearly and directly about the challenging stuff.”
  • “Not everything I write ends up being correct. I miss nuances. I don’t understand all the pieces.”
  • “I learn by putting my thoughts out there and engaging with people in their reactions to what I write.”
  • “I’m not a reporter. I’m just trying to teach. And learn. And observe.”

He makes the point that, for him, writing in this fashion has helped him [and those he’s tried to help] navigate an ‘endlessly challenging, complex, and stressful journey’. Why might that matter?

The ‘journey’ in B2B sales is challenging, complex, and stressful for both sellers and buyers. When sellers take the time to write in ways like Feld’s suggested, it works on many levels. Sellers learn more by reminding themselves of what they actually learned. They gain the humility to admit they don’t know everything. They become curious about what they don’t know, and learning about those things thru their buyers’ eyes. Thru these efforts, buyers discover the seller’s worth trusting. ‘They heard me; they understood me’. Authentically curious sellers end up having conversations with genuinely motivated buyers. Both discover that the other is worth their time.

Convinced what you’re now doing is right? Test it by writing it down, sharing your perspectives with your buyers, and watching how they react. You’ll learn more. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

Feld’s original post is available here


About John Cousineau:

As President + Founder of innovativeinfo.com, John’s leading efforts to improve B2B sales productivity via new analytics on sales performance. Amacus is his firm’s award-winning selling solution. Imagine what you’d like to know, if you could, about sales performance. That’s what Amacus is working on.

John’s spent over 35 years innovating with information in ways that accelerate business performance. John’s niche is designing uses of technology and information that get people faster to the value creating parts of their daily routines.

InsideView has rated John as one of the top sales industry social media users and one of the top 25 influential leaders in sales.

John’s  blog on Informed Innovations in B2B Sales Productivity offers a running commentary on things he’s learning from the sales practices of his clients, sales insights of his firm’s partners, and sales analytics of Amacus.


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