Selling You on Rejection – by Andrea Waltz

Conversation starter in offices and conference rooms all across the world, every day: “How do we increase our sales?”

Better marketing. More advertising. New products. It all helps. But one reality never seems to be dealt with very well and it’s the elephant in the room: The fear of failure and rejection on the part of the front line sales/service representatives that engage with customers and prospects. 

We offer a new way to think about rejection. Yes, instead of selling you on shiny-happy-uplifting “success” oriented topics, we are selling you on rejection.

But we don’t want to have a meeting about rejection, you think. It’s so negative!

But the answer is not to ignore it; the answer is to approach it head on in the most positive way possible. We take a perceived negative subject and teach a new way of thinking that empowers people so they take action and move forward despite any fears. The results? Improved sales. Improved confidence. More fun. Less turnover and burn-out. Right away. What is this strategy?

We call it: “Go for No!”

Here is how fear manifests itself within someone. We’ll use YOU as an example: Imagine that you have just filled the gas tank in your car with fuel.  You could think of that fuel as all the experience, training and skills you have accumulated over the years.  So with this full gas tank, you put your foot on the accelerator pedal and you are ready to drive off but you don’t move. The engine is revving up but you don’t go. You don’t go because your other foot is on the brake. The brake in this case is the fear of failure and rejection. It’s a clear restrainer. You could have meetings all day long about how to get the car to drive except the best answer is to remove that restrainer – the brake! Once you remove your foot off of the brake, you are literally racing off.

And that’s what happens when people learn and practice the Go for No! mindset.

They are not fearful, they are focused. They are no longer restrained by fears of NO, failure, and rejection. So, did we sell you on rejection?


Andrea Waltz is the co-author of Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There, a short powerful story written specifically for sales professionals in every industry who must learn to harness the power of no to be successful.  To learn more, visit


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