Don’t Wait to Get a Round Tuit – by Jeb Brooks

A few years back, I met a man who sold insurance. He handed me a small wooden coin, a Round Tuit. If you’ve never come across one of these before (where have you been?) it’s a round coin with a circle and the word “Tuit” printed on its surface.

The novelty coin that the insurance salesman included in his sales pitch doesn’t hold any monetary value, but the lesson it provides is pretty rich.

A Round Tuit is representative of those things you’ve been putting off – a project, an email, a phone call, a conversation.

When it shows up, it’s easy to push it aside, justifying your avoidance with the excuse that eventually you’ll get around to it.

A Round Tuit. See what I did there?

Putting things off is a habit we’re all guilty of, but one that most of us are unwilling to correct. The man I met told me that my decision not to buy insurance fell squarely in that category. He said that just because I haven’t been able to take care of it, didn’t mean I shouldn’t address it right then and there.

I’ll resist the urge to comment on his old school hard-closing ways, and skip to the fact that we can all learn a lot from his “Round Tuit.” Based on our conversations with leaders, managers, and salespeople alike, it seems that sometimes the issues that haven’t been confronted are less about a lack of time, and more about an unwillingness to confront.

Sometimes we avoid addressing things we find difficult, or mistakes that we may have made—chalk it up to human nature. It feels easier to chip away at the little things that we feel we can manage in order to avoid facing those large or difficult projects we have been putting off.

True leaders separate themselves from the rest of humanity with their ability to confront the difficult things — like their mistakes. They understand that waiting to correct a mistake or tackle a difficult project is unproductive. They realize that working on problems when they are fresh is more effective than pushing the issue aside out of discomfort.

So, here’s the call to action:

  1. Think of the Round Tuit that you’ve been putting off.
  2. Stop thinking of it.
  3. Go do it.

Of course, the most important question remains: What’s the best way to get started?

Customers usually buy from people that they trust and see value in. Although your sales team is the tip of the spear when it comes to finding new business, fulfilling sales promises is a responsibility that many different people at your organization have to help with.


Jeb Brooks is President & CEO of the The Brooks Group, one of the world’s Top Ten Sales Training Firms as ranked by Selling Power Magazine. He is a sought-after commentator on topics related to sales, sales management, and adult learning, having appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Money, Fortune, and CNN. Jeb is the author of four books and numerous articles.


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