Can Managers Really Make a Difference? – by Lahat Tzvi

Can managers truly create change?

Think about it for a moment. A company recruits a new manager who is in charge of the same employees, selling the same products to the same customers. Several months later – completely different results are shown. How could that be? Apparently, nothing has changed.

The thing that has changed is mainly the “story” that this manager brings with them; especially when it comes to new standards, and a new vision.

The managers’ role is NOT to sit behind their desk and manage reports.

They are required to create the breakthrough for their employees, and to alter the story these employees tell themselves about what is possible and what is not. They need to change their employees’ perceptions and awareness; to improve their skills, to provide them with the proper tools to succeed, to bring them into the vision, and also to drive and to lead.

  • Managers must start with a clear task – define the goals and vision, which they wish to accomplish.
  • They must know how to properly define a goal – to clearly phrase it in order for everything to be on target.
  • They need to harness their employees to their vision and to the target.
  • They need to explain the ‘why’ to their employees.
  • They need to change the employees’ awareness and story they tell themselves (their inner set of beliefs).
  • They need to make them believe.
  • They must know to distinguish between management, leadership, and trust – for each has its own time and place.
  • They need to establish new game rules and to set the new standard.
  • They need to set the rules.
  • They need to encourage employees to ‘hit the field’.
  • They need to know how to motivate.
  • They need to be able to change the employees’ habits.
  • They need to train, support, and challenge employees.
  • They need to monitor the actions performed by their employees.
  • They need to guide and to put things into the right perspective.
  • They need to encourage employees to think and to take responsibility.
  • They need to maintain contact with their employees in order to make them see things their way and according to their beliefs.
  • They must raise the bar constantly, not to let anyone fall behind, but to always strive forward.

It may seem obvious, but yet, very few managers follow and implement these basic required actions. Many simply prefer to sit behind their desk and ask people what they have done so far, or what their plans for the remainder of the week are.

They might even be surprised that their team has not achieved its goals. They would say that they have explained and requested, and yet, people do not achieve their goals after all. We are already facing 2018, and this is the time to set new standards. It is the time to get people to leave their comfort zone and do things differently.

Managers must distinguish between tales and facts

Distinguishing between tales and facts enables managers to know whether people refrain from taking action due to the tales they tell themselves, their own set of beliefs, work habits, attitudes towards work, awareness, or whether it is actually their skills that matter. Perhaps they simply do not know what they are supposed to do? How to manage their own time? How to define goals? How to sell? One must be active and think strategically in order to know how to take the message across to the client.

A manager’s target is to facilitate breakthrough, to set higher standards, to challenge, and to provide tools.

Managers should not allow their employees to keep performing as they did before – this is not how one gets results and maintains progress.

  • How are you planning to challenge your own team?
  • What are you going to do differently in 2018?
  • What are the new standards you wish to set for both you and your team to follow?


Lahat Tzvi of Israel is a leading authority on sales and strategy. He helps companies, managements and salespeople achieve and exceed their goals by changing their business games. His expertise and success in twelve different industries in the complex and B2B sales field has brought him a reputation for excellence and as a pro sales leader. Lahat’s company, Tfisot Group, is the first choice of companies and executive management when it’s come to sales performance. He can be reached at: http://tfisot.comLinkedIn, and Twitter.


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