Hey There, Do You Believe in What You Sell?

Robert Terson

This is a repost of the first blog I wrote for Sellingfearlessly.com:

The first question I want to ask you is this: Do you, or do you not, believe in what you sell?  Would you enthusiastically buy it?  If the answer is no, if in truth you do not believe in what you sell, if you’re just selling it to make a living with little regard to the value—or rather lack of value—you’re providing your customers, you may as well stop reading now, because this site is going to be of limited benefit to you.  Many of the principles I’m going to discuss simply won’t work for you.  Only the salesperson who possesses true character and integrity, who always puts the customers’ needs above his own short-term monetary goals, who believes in win-win, can truly sell fearlessly.  She can stand tall, look the customer in the eye, and be his equal; she has the peace of mind of knowing her work is meaningful, not exploitive; that she’s a professional, not a charlatan.

“Salespeople” who do not believe in what they sell are but a step above the con-artist.  They’re not there to serve people; they’re there to milk them.  Their chutzpah, silver tongues, and power of persuasion churn out positive results—for themselves only; for a while, anyway.  These “salespeople” give the selling profession a bad name.

What it comes down to is how do you view yourself and others?  Do you want to be worthy of respect or don’t you care?  Do you have a conscience or are you devoid of one?  Do you like people or see them as irritants, pains in the derriere?  Does the term “meaningful work” strike a chord in you?  Do you believe in win-win or not?

So go stand in front of a mirror and take a long, hard look at yourself.  Who are you?  If deep down you’re not happy with the answers to that question, if there’s a troubling guilt gnawing away at your psyche, now would be a great time to face it squarely and do something about it.  As Miss Margaret Sullivan—my grammar school librarian—used to say, “Let your conscience be your guide.”  Because… besides living a life worthy of what your Creator had in mind for you, you’ll make a lot more money selling what you believe in than what you don’t.


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