Life Enrichment: Personal Performance – by Ken Thoreson

Since I have been on the topic of Life Enrichment lately, one more topic came into perspective; personal performance. Specifically creating a more enriched life with high levels of personal performance.

There are many key elements in achieving high levels of personal performance and without counting them; I would estimate there are thousands of books written on the topic. I have written often regarding a favorite keynote that I give on Gourmet Living so I don’t want to be redundant in this blog. However, I do want to cover one word today that is a critical lynchpin in Life Enrichment and that word is: DISCLIPINE.

It is a form of personal performance that breaks the levels of success achievement-either up or down. Where in my own personal life I had the discipline to do the right thing-everything was positive, when I failed; I lacked the discipline to achieve and accepted less than success.

In sales leadership it means focusing on a host of actions:

  • Creating an atmosphere of trust, fun and achievement
  • Ensuring training is occurring
  • Building a systematic approach to achieving quotas
  • Increasing the level of quality execution at all levels

In life it means a focus on:

  • Health and diet
  • Creating a community of friends and enjoyment
  • Helping others increase their life quality
  • Appreciating the positives the world provides

Discipline means there is a special focus in your life to feel more, enjoy more and experience more.   Are you?

Let me know what you are doing to increase your Life Enrichment?


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