Happy Labor Day, Everyone!

Robert Terson

In the United States, not since the Gilded Age has the separation in income earned between the CEOs of our major corporations—as well as a heck of a lot of other businesses, large and small—and the workers who toil for these companies been so great. I personally think that’s insane, unfair, bad business, and to our national detriment. It’s greed run amok. It’s a lack of appreciation for what the workers produce. To add insult to injury, too often these CEOs and their fellow executives draw huge salaries and bonuses even when their companies are losing money; this while all too many of the workers are terminated to “trim fat and save costs.” I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with my perspective, but…there you have it—that’s my opinion, that’s how I see it.

Today is Labor Day, so I want to wish every single workingman and workingwoman a Happy Labor Day. This is your day; enjoy every moment of it. Know that you’re appreciated. If not by all of management, by your fellow workers. Thank you for all you do! Thank you for all the benefits you bring to my life, benefits that I can’t imagine doing without. My wonderful life wouldn’t be the same without you! I’m beyond grateful!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!


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