A Formula for Life and Recruiting Salespeople – By Steve Suggs

One of my favorite Lucille Ball episodes is where she becomes the Vitameatavegamin spokesperson.  She becomes the on-air spokesperson for this miracle product that promises to cure all that ails you and give you super energy and long life. As they are shooting the commercial for this miracle product, it becomes evident the main ingredient is alcohol.  Lucy gets drunk during the shoot providing all the comedy needed for this great episode.

During a sleepless night, if you ever turn on late night TV, you will find dozens of infomercials promising the same thing Vitameatavegamin promised fifty years ago. There is always someone with plenty of marketing savvy and money willing to convince us there is always an easy solution to life’s most difficult challenges.  They lead us to believe that we are dumb and that they are smart for having figured out the secret formula.

What is it about human nature that causes the attraction to easy answers and miracle cures? 

Have you discovered anything about yourself that helps you turn on the discipline switch when something sounds too good to be true? In what areas of your life do you still struggle with the discipline switch?

Are there some areas of your business where you are challenged? Have you decided to stop looking for the miracle cure in these areas of challenge and begin to look for real solutions?

What about recruiting salespeople? What about ______________________ (insert your greatest challenge here)? Have you reached the point where you have concluded that whatever you are doing now is not working? Are you willing to learn a new system rather than trying to get different results with the same formula?

Here’s the truth about quick-fix formulas.  There is a formula to all that ails us. It is not a secret. It is well published. Many authors have written about it for thousands of years. It’s called wisdom and truth. 

Eugene Peterson says, “Wisdom is the art of living skillfully in whatever actual conditions we find ourselves. It has virtually nothing to do with information as such, with knowledge as such. A college degree is no certification of wisdom — nor is it primarily concerned with keeping us out of moral mud puddles, although it does have a profound moral effect upon us…

…Wisdom has to do with becoming skillful in honoring our parents and raising our children, handling our money and conducting our sexual lives, going to work and exercising leadership, using words well and treating friends kindly, eating and drinking healthily, cultivating emotions within ourselves and attitudes toward others that make for peace.  Threaded through all these items is the insistence that the way we think of and respond to God is the most practical thing we do. In matters of everyday practicality, nothing, absolutely nothing, takes precedence over God.”

Life is hard. There are no easy answers. The more complex the problem, the more complex the solution needed.  The longer the problem has persisted, the greater the discipline needed to change the habits that created the original challenge.

The first step is to begin today. Seek wisdom and truth vs. a Vitameatavegamin secret solution.  You will only get drunk while others laugh at your foolishness.

Blessings upon your recruiting efforts.


Steve Suggs
Sales Manage Solutions