Definition of a Pathetic Salesperson – by Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”

Pathetic Salespersonnoun;  one who always feels their buyers are stupid; one who always believes the stuff they are selling is too expensive and the economy is to blame. The pathetic salesperson kept making excuses for their poor sales performance. Synonyms:  Slacker. Sales Motivation Destroyer.

Do you know somebody who fits this description? I would imagine most people know someone who fits at least part of the description.

Now let me turn this around and ask this question.   Can you recall a time when you would have fit the description?  I, unfortunately, have to admit that I can.

It’s far too easy to always say it’s someone else who has the problem – and the only reason sales are slow is due to the lack of action by other people.  If we expect to be a top-performing salesperson, then we have to decide that no matter the environment or the circumstances, we have to be in charge of our attitude.

It’s our job to make things happen when others say they can’t be done.

Pathetic salespeople are not born pathetic. They become pathetic due to any number of reasons.  Ironically, it’s the same with the top-performing salesperson.

Top-performers are not born that way – rather they become top performers because of how they respond to circumstances. That sums it up right there: It’s how they choose to respond. Pathetic salespeople allow circumstances to control them.  Top performers instead control their actions wisely, regardless of circumstances.

Obviously, there are circumstances that top-performing salespeople cannot change.  There are scenarios around each of us that are beyond our control.  What sets top performers apart from average or mediocre performers is that top performers are not easily swayed by the circumstances.  They do not let the circumstances to dictate their outcomes.

Your objective is to not be derailed by negative events or news around you.  If you learn this kind of discipline – learn how to maintain a focused, positive approach – then you will shield yourself from showing any signs of being a pathetic salesperson.

We can’t eliminate pathetic salespeople.  All we can do is never adopt their traits.  Instead, choose to be a top-performing salesperson.

Top-Performing Salespersonnoun;  one who wisely sees opportunities even in difficult circumstances; one who always believes the stuff they are selling is priced accurately and meets a need in the marketplace. The top-performing salesperson kept succeeding while others seemed to flounder. Synonyms:  Champion. Sales Motivation Leader.

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