Accountability Buddies Help to Make it Happen – by Mike Leeds

Be accountable to someone and watch your business grow.

If you work on a team or in a company with others, you are accountable to your supervisor, your team, your company and yourself.

What about Entrepreneurs and the self employed? How can these people be accountable to someone? A recurring theme I hear is, “We tend to take care of our customers, but may not take care of our own businesses.” This sounds like the Shoe Maker’s kids going barefoot.

To help keep yourself on track with developing your business, consider having an accountability buddy. This could be a friend, networking contact, or an associate that works in a complementary field. To increase productivity and reduce stress, I do recommend that your accountability buddy not be your significant other (you already have overall accountability to that person).

Set up a regular call or contact schedule with your accountability buddy to outline commitments that will be completed within a specific timeframe (blogs, newsletters, website updates, collateral etc). Focus on defining the task and when it will be completed. Don’t over-commit, and consider keeping the list short (so you’ll actually do it). If you can’t have a call, at least communicate in email. Consider a risk/reward component to keep it interesting. An accountability buddy can help you “work on your business, while you are working in your business”. Even if you can only take small steps today in improving your company, you will be miles ahead in the future.

There is one common group of people we are all accountable to – our customers – they keep us in business! Thank you!


Mike Leeds

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