“You never can be too enthusiastic” is an axiom of selling; conversely, not being enthusiastic enough will cost you more sales than anything else.  You can have all the bases covered—strong mental attitude, excellent work habits, salesmanship second to none—but if you can’t crank up genuine enthusiasm for what you’re asking your prospect to spend her hard-earned money on, you’re the equivalent of a baseball pitcher without a fastball.  You’re going to get clobbered.  Harry F. Banks said, “A salesman minus enthusiasm is just a clerk.”

A sales presentation is a form of theater; a salesperson is like an actor putting on a performance for his audience.  If he can’t get excited about his product or service, the performance is a flop—the prospect will walk out before the second act.  A prospect buys on emotion far more than reason, and if a salesperson isn’t excited, the prospect won’t be either; and if the prospect isn’t excited—ho hum—he isn’t going to buy.

I’ve seen sales made on enthusiasm alone, the prospect so bowled over by the salesperson’s pure raw energy that he was lifted into outer space before he knew what was happening.  I’m not talking about a phony televangelist staging a gyrating revival a la Elmer Gantry; I’m talking about a dignified master salesperson who’s so enthusiastic he practically lifts you off the ground—you feel like you’re participating in a magic show, but just can’t comprehend how he’s doing it.

You want to be a master salesperson?

Get excited!

And don’t worry about being too excited, there is no such thing.