Third-Party Affirmation

Today’s post is a brief lesson in utilizing third-party affirmation, an invaluable tool in objection rebutting. Let’s create an objection and demonstrate why third-party affirmation is so much stronger than using the declarative method.

The objection: “The only ad space I can afford is your basic size, which I think is too small to be effective.”

Declarative method of rebutting: “Joe, that just isn’t so; I think you’ll find our basic ad will work quite well for you; in fact, I’m sure of it.”

Third-party affirmation method: “Joe, our clients who choose the basic ad tell us it works really well for them; in fact, their level of satisfaction with us is just as high as clients who choose the larger-size ads. Would you like me to call anyone so you can ask them yourself?”

If you use the typical declarative method, your prospect can easily take issue with you; it’s an invitation to debate the point. However, if you use the third-party-affirmation method, there’s no one for him to debate, is there? He has to take “your” word for it, doesn’t he, unless he wants you to call someone for verification?

Make a point of memorizing these words: Our clients tell us…they’ll save you a lot of grief and wasted time. Use third-party affirmation, it works!