Sell Your Products And Services Like They Were Ginzu Knives – By Howard Lewinter

For those who are television watchers, do you remember the Ginsu knife commercial?

According to the ad, you can use a Ginsu knife to cut through frozen vegetables, shave a 2×4 and to slice a tomato perfectly. And if that doesn’t convince you to buy it the voice on the commercial says, “But wait, that’s not all! You get the six-in-one peeler…” And one after another, the voice keeps offering you kitchen gadgets until you are so convinced you must have this bargain that you pick up the telephone to order.

There was actually nothing special about these knives. Although the knives were of good quality there were a lot of other knives that were also of good quality. But as I remember the story, two guys from Ohio came across this set of knives, gave them the name “ginsu” and created a commercial that made history and sold millions of sets of Ginsu knives. You can still watch the original Ginsu knife commercial on YouTube just for the creativity of the sale and its marketing genius. It’s worth it to go to YouTube, watch the video of the commercial, and think about how you are marketing your business.

Another genius of the infomercials, is Ron Popeil. Everyone remembers the “pocket fisherman” and the “chop-o-matic” (that started it all for Ron), “the smokeless ashtray” and countless other products that Ron invented and sold through infomercials. There was even the can of spray paint to make men with thinning hair look like they had hair again once they sprayed the paint on their head. As silly as this sounds, Ron made a small fortune with this product and many others. Correction: Ron made a large fortune with these products. After years of making millions, in 2005, Ron sold his company for $55 million dollars.

It was the uniqueness of some of these products plus the presentation that made the products successful.

But what really made the products successful?

Human nature.

People by nature are greedy. They go to the buffet at the restaurant and stuff themselves because they are paying one price for all they can eat and want to get their money’s worth. If they think they are getting a bargain, it doesn’t really matter if they are truly getting a bargain as it’s just their perception that their greedy nature tells them it is a bargain. So therefore, perception is reality. Bargain or not, they believe it’s the best buy they could possibly have made and brag to all of their friends about what a deal they made. In their minds, they got their money’s worth and more.

It really doesn’t matter what your business is. Your product or service may not be creative or have the emotional appeal that Ron Popeil’s rotisserie grill had but how are you going to create ingenious, creative marketing and sales presentations?

How do you give your customer or client that one more thing that is going to make them say “yes” to your product or service? You might want to study some of these classic infomercials and sales tactics the pros are using and see how you can create unique, interesting, memorable marketing and sales strategies.

By the way, when you are studying these infomercials, make sure you are studying the ones who are selling honest products and are reputable companies.

I can’t wait to see your infomercial or sales presentation. I might even buy your product or service when I watch your ad or sales presentation and hear someone say, “But wait! That’s not all!”



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