Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

This past July I had lunch with a terrific guy, Success Skills Coach Jim Rohrbach; a good friend, Josh Hinds from Alabama, introduced me to Jim.  Jim dubs himself “Da Coach,” a true Chicago guy and fellow Cubs fan through and through.  If you’re ever looking for a business coach, I highly recommend him.  In fact, I’m going to give you his email address, phone number, and website, that’s how much I liked this man and thought well of him:, 847-982-3268,  By now you’re probably wondering what does Jim Rohrbach have to do with Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.  I’ll explain: Jim told me that the first thing he has a client do is read Think and Grow Rich.  That alone sold me on this man; if I were a coach, that’d be my first move, too.

I was 26 the first time I read Think and Grow Rich; I say “the first time” because probably I’ve read it more than a 100 times.  Yes, you read that right—more than a 100 times.  I think of it as the Bible of Success Books.  In my subjective opinion it is the preeminent book on what it takes to achieve a worthy goal in life; written in the 1930s, it’s apropos today as the day it was written.  You can walk into any Barnes and Noble store and more than likely you’ll find it in stock, that’s how popular of a backlist book it is.

I was on the phone recommending Think and Grow Rich to another coach, Mark Popp from Syracuse, New York, when it dawned on me how often I recommend this book; I mean I do it ubiquitously, multiple times a week, because I believe anyone interested in achieving anything should read it!  It’s that much of a no-brainer, folks.  And not only should you read it, you should read it carefully multiple times, and you should follow every direction Mr. Hill instructs you to do—dot the I’s and cross the T’s!  When he tells you to memorize something, memorize it!  All the answers to achievement are there, I promise you.  It changed my life and it’ll change yours.  I’m sure you can well imagine, if I’m devoting an entire blog to recommending a book, I believe in it with all my heart and soul.

So, I want you to go out today and invest a paltry sum in your future; I want you to buy and possess your own personal copy of Think and Grow Rich.  You’ll never make a better investment.  After you’ve read it the first time, I’d like you to email me your thoughts, reactions; will you do that for me?  I’d be ever so grateful!  I’m writing this blog for you, and it would mean a lot to know I’m making a difference.