Can They Sell by Steve Suggs

Every championship team, whether it’s in sports or sales, has a leader who understands that the quality of the “players” recruited, will determine the type of coach (sales manager) you become. So wouldn’t you say that recruiting a strong team is the most important job of every leader?

Having spent 40+ years in selling and finding joy in my work everyday, I came to realize there were many dimensions of me that made selling a fulfilling career. I didn’t really know for sure what all those dimensions were until I read this new book by Steve Suggs, Can they Sell. Finally it all makes sense. Steve does a great job of giving sales managers a comprehensive best-practice recruiting process. I highly recommend this book to all sales managers who are aspiring to build a championship sales team.

In Can They Sell, Steve answers three vital questions all sales managers want to know:

(1) Where do I find the best salespeople?

(2) What are the attitudes, motivations, character traits, personality traits, and sales skills of the top performers?

(3) How do I measure these traits? What tools and skills do I use to select the best from the rest?

Steve Suggs and I became good friends this year; he’s guest-posted on this site a number of times and will do so again in the future. I admire this man—a man of great character, who has written a terrific book. Steve’s the kind of man who lives his message every day of his life. He’s recruited a ton of salespeople and spends every day coaching sales leaders on his best-practice system. He has many enthusiastic fans, whose lives have been made better by mastering Steve’s extraordinary skills of recruiting and coaching a sales team.

You can get his book, Can They Sell at Steve is giving away a lot of free recruiting training, and making available other valuable resources for sales managers, who are striving to get better everyday—people like you. I’ll repeat myself: I highly recommend this very unique resource!