Do You Mean Business? by Babette N. Ten Haken

Did You Mean Business? - Babette Ten HakenBabette Ten Haken has been described as a “geek-whisperer.”  That’s because she speaks with the engineering crowd.  She speaks with the marketers and sales types, business owners, too.  Amazingly, she gets them all to play well together for everyone’s benefit.  Naturally, their companies love this, because when everyone works in sync there’s usually a positive financial benefit for the company.  There’s also another benefit—when people feel what it’s like to learn from each other and collaborate, they develop a long-term memory of that experience; and they want their next project to have that same “feel,” which, of course, benefits their customers.

Babette’s been doing this extraordinary work for 25 years.  She has conversations with her colleagues and customers that they didn’t know they wanted/needed to have, and she’ll teach you to have these conversations on a daily basis, as well.

After the economic meltdown in 2008, there were a lot of companies who downsized, and a lot of engineering and sales professionals who found themselves on the outside looking in. Nobody was buying, and everyone was selling the “way it’s always been done”—the technical guys in one corner and the business guys in the opposite one.  She figured it was time for everyone to come out of their cubicles and do things differently, because the “same old, same old” sure wasn’t working anymore.  So…she wrote a book.

Her book is entitled Do YOU Mean Business?: Technical/Non-Technical Collaboration, Business Development and YOU, and it’s available on

This book isn’t just another sales book. It’s a business book, for everyone in your organization.  Babette sees business development as part of everyone’s job description.  She believes everyone needs to understand how their job function affects the colleagues they hand their work over to.  It’s like a 4×100 meter relay race—the individual running one leg of the race has to smoothly hand that baton off to the next runner, who’d better be in position with her hand extended to receive that baton and sprint off.

Do YOU Mean Business? is about everyone in the organization getting to the finish line together.  It’s about technical folks learning how to talk business, and sales and marketing folks learning how to talk about the technical aspects of the project. It’s about finding out what the common denominators are, so that you can leave the techie lingo or sales spiel at home.

At a time when we’re all pondering how to develop business, Babette Ten Haken has given us a book that pulls it all together.  Business development is dynamic and collaborative; no more “us versus them.”

I know you’ll enjoy reading her book and putting her suggestions into action.  More importantly, this book will make you money.  Go buy your copy now!