“Every Day Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things”

In my last blog I offered some favorite quotations.  One I didn’t include is the title of today’s post; its author is the Reverend Bob Richards, Gold Medalist Olympic pole-vaulter in 1952 and 1956.  I’ve referred to Reverend Richard’s quote in my upcoming book and numerous times on this site.  I believe its importance cannot be overstated.

Recently I was driving and took notice of a billboard using the singer Susan Boyle to make the point that the most unlikely of us can be successful if we’re simply willing to enter the arena of life, compete to achieve our dreams—no matter how farfetched they might seem.  Ms. Boyle, because of her physical characteristics, is the antithesis of what we think of, visualize, as someone who has it in her to be successful.  That’s why she was up there on that billboard; who better to make the point?—“if she can do it, so can you!”

Right!  If she can do it, so can you.  She is the perfect example that “Every day ordinary people do extraordinary things.”  Alas, though, it’ll never happen if fear, the great enemy, holds you back; if you see yourself as incapable, unworthy to even make the effort; if you think great success goes only to the extraordinary souls out there who have within them something special you don’t have; if you drown your dreams in a sea of self-limiting beliefs that state “ordinary” people like you don’t have what it takes to achieve extraordinary success.

I have great news for you: all your heroes, all the human beings you admire the most, are/were no different than you.  They are/were ordinary people who wanted something badly enough to go after it; found a way to believe they could have it; committed themselves to work tirelessly until victory was theirs; persistently kept getting up every time they were knocked down, no matter how many times they found themselves sprawled prone on the canvas.  They felt fear just like you do, but tackled their dreams despite the fear; or as I like to say, forged ahead with aggressive ignorance.

So, now you know the truth: you’re no different than Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Lady Gaga, Winston Churchill, Scott Turow, Greg Maddox and a host of countless others whom I personally admire.  You have it within you to achieve Greatness beyond your wildest imagination.  But you must never again see yourself as different, less than, your heroes, the people you admire.  You have the same tools they do/did.  The only question is, Are you willing to enter the arena and use those “ordinary” tools to compete?

It’s your life; what say you?