I Have Met the Enemy—Alas, it is Me

In a recent blog I mentioned a young man I had spoken to—Nick.  Shortly after our last conversation—in which I had stressed to Nick the importance of vigilantly standing guard over the thoughts and emotions he allowed to pass through to his subconscious mind (see Your Procrastination isn’t a Matter of Laziness, which discusses the power of the subconscious mind)—Nick sent me the following Twitter direct message:  “I’ve never realized just how constantly I send myself negative messages. I have truly been my own worst enemy my entire life.”

Nick’s not alone, folks.  Without realizing it, most of you are doing the same thing.  Not intentionally, of course.  It’s just that the “default setting” for passing on thoughts and emotions to your subconscious mind is garbage in—it comes naturally to you like breathing; and because the subconscious is unbiased, and because it always gives you back the equivalent of the data you feed it, what you get back is garbage out.

The only way to protect yourself from this insidious negative phenomenon is to change the “default setting” to strictly positive thoughts and emotions, and the only way to do that is to constantly stand guard over yourself, over your thoughts and emotions, not allowing yourself to wallow in anything negative.  It won’t be easy; changing longtime embedded “default settings” never is, but there is no other way.  Unless you’re willing to take on this enormous challenge, you’ll continue, without realizing it, to be your own worst enemy, to sabotage yourself and the success you seek.

I wrote a blog entitled How Badly Do You Want it? a while back about my wife’s difficulty with losing weight.  “But it’s so hard!” she kept telling me and ergo herself, which instructs her subconscious to “say,” give back to her, “Hey, this is hard!”  She tells herself it’s hard, so it remains hard for her.  When you keep giving yourself negative thoughts like that and emotions like anger, fear, discouragement, you’re committing subconscious instructional suicide.  You’re, so to speak, cutting your own throat.

Trust me, no external force, human being or otherwise, will ever have the power to do as much damage to you as you do to yourself by thinking and emoting negatively.  Start watching yourself, pay close attention to your thoughts and emotions.  When you catch yourself going negative, stop it!  Right then and there, stop it!  Fake it if you have to; eventually it’ll become real for you.

As I’ve said before, the best book to understand, help you cope with this responsibility you must undertake, is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.  Do you own a copy?  Have you read it?  Have you studied it?

I hope so; I fervently hope so!

There is only one thing in this life you have control over and that’s your own mind.  Controlling your own mind is the secret to your success; begin today!