A little Hippy Hippy Shake Shake! – by The Irreverent Sales Girl

So. Are you finished with all that grieving over the things you have not yet accomplished that you were S’POSED to have done by now? Can you finally see that hanging on to the notion that you were supposed to be or have something by now is ACTUALLY holding you back? That somewhere along the line, you made something up about YOU that now makes those dreams simply impossible (for you, that is, not for those OTHER people who are better than you)?

GREAT! Because TODAY the game begins.

Stand up and shake it all out (that’s the shake shake part).

Now, think up something NEW and STIMULATING and NEVER BEFORE IMAGINED that YOU would like to accomplish. Don’t make it big. Make it small. Make it a Sudoku puzzle if you have never done one. Make it to watch a movie with subtitles if you have never done that. Read a motorcycle magazine if you have never picked one up. Book a trip to Memphis if you have never been there. At the very least, drive a completely new way home from work!

Pick something entirely NEW to you.

But, make sure it’s either a little intriguing, a little scary, OR A LOT OF FUN! (That is the hippy hippy part!)

See? A NEW ASPECT OF YOU is already starting to emerge, just thinking about it. Now, go do it!

I can’t wait to hear your results!


The Irreverent Sales Girl


Bringing a dash of dignity, adventure, and poise to the Art of Selling, The Irreverent Sales Girl encourages her clients to seek new horizons and honor their own muse. She offers compelling messages that remind you of who you are and what is possible; a message of hope, challenge, and new thinking–just when you need it most. You can connect with her at her website, irreverentsalesgirl.com and her Facebook page.