Irresponsible Self-Destructive Behavior

Robert Terson

A couple of weeks ago Nicki and I were driving in the convertible, top down, backed up in bumper-to-bumper rush-hour traffic on Lake Cook Road, in the far-left lane.  On the other side of the road, literally a few feet away from us, a middle-aged man driving another top-down convertible was holding his cellphone on the top of the steering wheel, texting away; he glanced up periodically to see if traffic had moved any.

Holding a cellphone to one’s ear while driving, never mind texting, pisses me off to no end—I think it’s one of the dumbest, most irresponsible self-destructive behaviors anyone can engage in.  You’re not only risking your own life, you’re risking other people’s lives, as well.  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to honk the horn to wake up a cellphone user that the light has turned green, you can move out, or make that left turn, etc., etc., I could take Nicki on a cruise.  It’s ubiquitous, a constant everyday occurrence.  I want to scream at these fruitcakes: It’s against the law!  Get your ignorant ass off the #%*/^#+* telephone and drive your car!!!

I didn’t scream at the man, but I said, “You’re gonna kill someone, you know that?”

He looked over at me, said, “Traffic isn’t moving, it’s not a big deal.”

I rolled my eyes, said, “It’s against the law, pal; there’s a reason for that.”

He waved me off with a dirty look, went back to his texting.  I don’t care what the damn law says or what the risks are—it’s something I want to do and I’m damn well going to do it and I don’t give a s— what anyone has to say about it, period, end of discussion!

This is the negative side of the technology boom.  I’m told that at any given time, about 30% of drivers are talking on their cellphones or texting.  What is so damn important that you have to engage in this against-the-law, ridiculously risky behavior?  What is so vital that can’t wait until you’re off the road?  Even for those of you who use the productivity argument, Is it worth killing someone’s child?  Would you want the other guy to be texting away as he approaches your child crossing the street?

Believe it or not, my friends, people are dying because of this idiotic, stupid need to be “connected” 24-7.  Give it a rest!  The life you save may be your own.  Even if it isn’t you or a loved one, Do you want anyone’s life on your conscience?

Trust me, whatever you think is so vital, whatever you think can’t wait another second, isn’t.  Get off the damn telephone while you’re driving!