Happy Labor Day!

Robert Terson

Happy Labor Day, everyone! No blog today; just my expression of gratitude to every workingman and workingwoman–living or passed on–whose labor has provided a better world for me and my family. The teachers, policemen, firemen, tradesmen, construction workers, medical personnel, storekeepers, salespeople, people of the arts, and as the King in the King and I said, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera (far too many for me to try to list them all).

Without the teachers I would be illiterate.

Without the policemen and firemen I would be unprotected.

Without the tradesmen I wouldn’t have heating & air-conditioning, plumbing, electricity, cabinetry, and so much more.

Without the construction workers I wouldn’t have roads & bridges, a home to shelter us, and so much more.

Without the physicians, nurses, and other medical workers I wouldn’t even still be alive.

Without the storekeepers I’d be hunting and foraging for food, clothing, and so much more.

Without salespeople I wouldn’t have my home, car, the protection of insurance, and so much more.

Without people of the arts I wouldn’t have books to read, movies and theater to attend, paintings to appreciate.

To those I’ve listed and to those I haven’t: I’m so grateful to all of you! Thank you!