“New Sales. Simplified” by Mike Weinberg

Today’s blog is a book review for my good friend and sales-mastermind-group colleague Mike Weinberg. Mike provides sales and sales-leadership coaching to sales leaders and sales teams, sales-force consulting to senior executives, and speaks on topics pertinent to new business development. Prior to becoming the Amazing sales consultant he is today, he was the top-producing salesperson in three different organizations. He is a guest-post contributor to this site; his website is http://newsalescoach.com.

Mike’s book is entitled New Sales. Simplified. At the risk of being accused of hyperbole, I’ll flat out tell you: this is one of the best sales books I’ve ever read. This is a book that will truly help you become a better salesperson. It’s written by a top-tier Professional salesman/trainer whose writing talent matches his selling acumen; that’s one hell of combination, folks.

New Sales. Simplified is formatted into 16 chapters that emphasize prospecting and developing new business—an area of concern for even talented salespeople, never mind those poor souls who make up the struggling 80% who only do 20% of the business. Whether you’re a talented Pro or a member of that tortured 80% majority, this book will make a difference, it’ll put money in your pocket. If you’re afraid of the telephone, if you’re scared of going after new business, Mike Weinberg is going to come to your rescue like a knight on a white horse.

All 16 chapters will provide valuable insight, but the three chapters that had the biggest impact on me—I think they’ll have a huge impact on you, too—were Chapter 2: The “Not-So-Sweet 16” Reasons Salespeople Fail at New Business Development, Chapter 7: Your Most Important Sales Weapon, and Chapter 8: Sharpening Your Sales Story. For years I’ve been preaching the importance of storytelling to salespeople—what Mike Weinberg calls the Sales Story—and here’s a book that will not only help you fully understand the storytelling concept, it’ll teach you how to go about creating and delivering your Sales Story. This is huge, my friends! I can’t begin to tell you how important this is going to be for you, what it’s going to mean for your career. A salesperson who does not have, who cannot deliver, a compelling Sales Story is the equivalent of the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz—pitiful.

A number of people I admire have endorsed Mike Weinberg’s book. One of them, Charles H. Green, coauthor of The Trusted Advisor, author of Trust-Based Selling, and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates, said, “When you’ve tired of every new flavor-of-the-month sales theory and are ready to get serious about pursuing and acquiring new customers, this book is for you. Mike Weinberg tells it like it is, presents timeless sales truths, and [provides] a simple, straightforward approach to developing new business. Prepare to be entertained and energized.” I know Charlie Green; because of the kind of Man he is and because “Trust” is the basis of his brand, Charlie won’t ever tell you something he doesn’t believe wholeheartedly. You can go to the bank on that.

The book is New Sales. Simplified. Do yourself a huge favor: order it today!