“The Zen of Sales” by Todd Schnick

On June 7th I published a terrific guest post by my friend and North America’s Best colleague Todd Schnick entitled “The Zen of Sales.” Now Todd has published an ebook with the same title—The Zen of Sales, available on Amazon.com for only $0.99. I doubt you’ll ever find a better bargain. Todd is a writer, speaker, marketing strategist, and radio-show host and producer.  You can find him at his website http://intrepid-llc.com/ and sign up for his content marketing class at .

The Zen of Sales is a short 43 pages, but packed full of a sales philosophy of important reminders that old pros and rookies will greatly benefit from. In the Foreword, Todd says, “…we complicate sales way too much. We need to simplify. And focus on the HUMAN side of sales.” This ebook is going to help you do that! And it’s only $0.99!

The book is formatted into an Introduction and 16 chapters:

Chapter One – In Sales, If You Ain’t Adapting, You Are Losing

Chapter Two – 10 Simple Marketing and Sales Hacks

Chapter Three – Are You Selling To A Logo? Or Selling To A Human Being?

Chapter Four – Your Sales Prospect Gives You Bad News: Do You Fold, Or Do You Celebrate?

Chapter Five – Always Be Closing Is A Crock…

Chapter Six – Remember, Patience Is A Sales Virtue

Chapter Seven – I Survived Making A Cold Call, And 7 Reasons Why I Will Never Do It Again

Chapter Eight – Sales Reality: They Are Using The Economy As An Excuse To Fire You

Chapter Nine – 12 Reasons To Break Out Of The One-Size-Fits All Sales Rep Mold

Chapter Ten – 10 Ways Being Human Helps You In Business + Sales

Chapter Eleven – 16 Random Things Your Sales Prospects Would Rather Be Doing Than Talk To You

Chapter Twelve – If You Do Sales Calls, You’ve Lost

Chapter Thirteen – Hey, This Sales Thing Is Easy. 10 Reasons Why…

Chapter Fourteen – 40 Reasons Why A Salesperson Like You Isn’t Getting Called Back

Chapter Fifteen – Stop Doing Sales Pitches Forever – Do Creative Sessions Instead

Chapter Sixteen – 9 Step Plan To Use Social Media To Hack Your Cold-Calling Nightmare

The old cliché about books is that if it gives you even only one great idea, it’s well worth the money and time you devoted to the book. The Zen of Sales is a quick read that gave me a number of ideas, which would have been worth my time and money at ten times the price. I hope you’ll download it today. If you do, please let me know what it provided you.



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