My Fearless Granddaughter

Robert Terson

On Saturday September 1st my brother, Harlan, married the love of his life, Kris; about a 100 people attended this blessed event, including my three grandchildren—Jazmine, eight; Jack, eight, and Jordana, six. I’m insane about all three of my grandchildren, but it’s Jazmine (we call her Jaz or Jazy) I want to talk about today, specifically something I observed about this sensational kid at the wedding.

Jaz has already decided she’s going to be a famous entertainer—singer, actress—when she grows up. At just about every family gathering she leads her sister and cousin into donning some form of costume and putting on a play or concert. They’ll go off for a half-hour or so to script out the performance, then return to announce they’re ready, everyone pull up your chairs and prepare for the “curtain to rise.” And I must tell you: they always put on a damn fine entertaining show.

Okay, okay, they’re my grandchildren and I know I’m somewhat biased, but I’m telling you honestly—if you attended one of these magnificent performances, bored you wouldn’t be.

But what Jaz did at the wedding blew me away like nothing I’ve ever seen before out of this precocious child. She asked if she could sing, and of course Kris and Harlan said sure. So she did—sing, that is. She got up in front of the band, lowered the microphone, and belted out a rendition of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” from Grease. The crowd was mesmerized; Olivia Newton John would have been mesmerized; I was beyond mesmerized!

Now I want to ask you, How many of you are scared to death at just the thought of getting up in front of a crowd of people to speak, never mind to sing a song with all the passion of a Bette Midler at the top of her game? Fear of public speaking (it’s fear of criticism, one of Napoleon Hill’s six basic fears) is right there at the top of the fear list for most people; they’d rather jump out of an airplane without a parachute than get up in front of a huge crowd and utter a few words.

Not my granddaughter. Jaz eats this stuff up like a duck takes to water. She loves it! She’s absolutely fearless about it, which is what struck me as I was watching her belt out that song. I couldn’t believe an eight-year-old could be that fearless—it was awesome.

Especially when I put it in juxtaposition to the fear so many of you have about just picking up the telephone to make some cold calls. I mean, c’mon: if an eight-year-old kid can be that fearless, why can’t you get past your fear of cold calling?

As I’ve said so many times on this site, fear is a temporary state of mind. If you’ll challenge your fears instead of running away from them, greatness awaits you.

It certainly awaits Jaz!



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