Dave Cooke’s 100Pedals Across America Spring ’13 Tour

Robert Terson

I recently received a heartfelt email from my good friend Dave Cooke asking me to help him publicize his 100Pedals Across America Spring ’13 Tour—100Pedals, 100Days, 100Stories. Dave also provided me a link http://100PedalsRide.com to share with you where you can learn all about the reasons why he’s doing this, why it’s so deeply personal, why it’s so important to him.

Dave is a nationally recognized speaker, author, trainer and growth expert. He provides service and support to organizations, teams, and individuals to help them overcome the obstacles blocking their definition of success and accomplishment. Dave is a guest-post contributor to this site and one terrific guy!

Beginning March 17, 2013, Dave has commited to riding his bike across the country from San Diego to Charleston to Detroit (Coast-to-Coast-Detroit). Along the way he will be speaking to young adults across the country about the power of injecting positive behaviors and activities into their lives. Plus, he will be making a documentary of this entire trip to be used as both an educational, inspirational resource and book.

Everyone has a story, an experience, and a personal struggle. His project is designed to connect with, learn from, and support those–especially young adults—looking for positive opportunities in their lives. Please help me help him make this happen!

I’m asking you to take a few minutes to watch the video and read every word of why he’s asking for our help. This is worth your time, I promise you. If you’re a parent like I am, this is going to resonate with you, it’s going to touch you. I never have a conversation with Dave Cooke without asking about his son. His passion, his love, and his commitment to his son has always resonated through the phone whenever he talks about him. After you click on the link and listen to his story, you’ll understand why I’m so engaged in helping him with this project.

Please, don’t blow this off; click on the link: http://100PedalsRide.com.

I know I have a lot of friends out there. I’m asking you to please support Dave Cooke and his worthy project; and let me know that you’re doing so. I’ll say thank you in advance; this one is really important to me!



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