“Zero-Time Selling” by Andy Paul

I’ve known Andy Paul for well over a year now; he’s a good friend and colleague in North America’s Best (also known as the STA group), the sales mastermind group I’ve mentioned so many times on this site. Andy is a leading SMB sales expert and the author of Zero-Time Selling, 10 Essential Steps To Accelerate Every Company’s Sales, the book I’m reviewing today. He is committed to helping every CEO and sales manager transform their sales efforts by integrating higher levels of responsiveness, information content and speed into every step of their selling process. For more information about Andy Paul, you can visit his website at www.zerotimeselling.com and you can contact Andy at andy@zerotimeselling.com or 619-980-4002.

The crazy-busy, frazzled customers of today want sellers to just give them the information they need without all the fanfare buildup. Their time is limited and the last thing they want is for you to waste a minute of it. Zero-Time Selling gives every sales professional, sales manager, entrepreneur and CEO the tools to be completely responsive to that time-sensitive customer desire, and it’ll help win more orders in less time.

In Part I, Zero-Time Selling—The Basics, Andy offers five key principles:

1. How you sell is as important as what you sell. Zero-Time Selling will show you how to build trust and differentiate your company while creating value for your customer by how you sell your product or service.

2. If you are talking to a customer, it is urgent. The Internet has made it possible for customers to get 70-80% of the information they need to make an informed purchase decision about your product or service before they contact you for the first time. If you are talking to a customer, they want answers now and you had better be Zero-Time Selling.

3. Everything happens now (unless it has already happened). The timeframe for every sales action is now. Get a lead, follow up now. Get a question from a customer, answer it now. Of course, not everything can happen immediately, but the most important things can.

4. Measure. Fine-tune. Measure. Zero-Time Selling is a system of responsiveness, delivering content in Zero-Time. Every step of your sales process must continually be measured and improved with the goal of reducing to zero the amount of time required to deliver that content.

5. Every customer is the center of your universe. The least expensive, least time-consuming, and least competitive sales are those you make to your existing customers. To ensure a steady flow of orders by Zero-Time Selling you will practice unconditional support.

What I think is so significant about this book is that it proffers an entirely different perspective on the timeframe of the sales process. You’re going to read Andy Paul’s book and come away with an urgency outlook that you never quite grasped before, and that urgency outlook is going to change how you do business; it’s going to put a lot more money in your pocket. You’re going to learn simple solutions to accelerate and improve your sales results.

When I read a book, the first thing I do is carefully peruse the endorsements, especially from those individuals I have a high respect for. One of the endorsements that stood out for me was from Paul D’Souza, author of The Market Has Changed—Have You? He says, “I love Zero-Time Selling and here’s why: Andy Paul creates the ‘No Spin Zone’ for sales professionals. His idea of everything happening NOW is very Zen, it is philosophical value, but totally and radically practical in today’s super fast, hyper effect market place. Seriously folks, if you want to get that competitive edge that helps you win over and over again, get this book, read it a few times and take your book of business to the next level. The market has changed…have you? The time is now for Zero-Time Selling!

You can order Zero-Time Selling at Amazon.com. I think you’ll find it well worth your time and money!