Negative Self-Programing

Robert Terson

On Sunday September 9th, my good friend Stu Pearl took me to a White Sox game. He also took our friend Dave Levinson, whose birthday we celebrated that night, wives included; they met us at a restaurant on the north side of Chicago after the game.

We sat on the first-base side of U.S. Cellular Field, 11 rows up from the visiting Kansas City Royals’ dugout; much better seats than my upper-deck pair at Wrigley Field. Next to me sat a young woman—in her low 20’s I’d guess—who, when addressing her mother, used an expression that captured my attention. It’s an expression used ubiquitously, we’ve all heard it countless times: “Just my luck!” And as is usually the case, she said it with a tone of deep resignation: “Just my luck!” as in “Oh, woe is me; I can never catch a break!”

My late father-in-law used the exact same expression all the time. He felt the only kind of luck he had was of the crummy variety. Buy a lottery ticket? What’s the point? Nick used to say; “With my luck I’d be lucky to catch one number.” He honestly believed he had rotten luck and wasn’t reticent in letting you know that.

How about you? Have you ever used that expression? Do you believe you come out on the short end of the stick luck-wise? What do you think is the resulting effect of that kind of thinking? What do you think happens when you go around moaning to people, “Just my luck!” Think good things are going to flow out of that, or do you think you might be setting yourself up for self-prophecy? To say nothing about providing yourself such a delicious excuse for failure, right? It’s not my fault; it’s just all that rotten luck, which follows me around like a dark raincloud.

When you moan and groan about life, when you say things like, “Just my luck!” you’re sending a negative programing message to your subconscious mind: Don’t bother attempting anything too difficult. Why, with your kind of rotten luck, you’ll fall flat on your ass so fast it’ll make your head spin in ten different directions!

As I’ve said in previous blogs, the subconscious mind is the computer-command-center of your being, the subterranean regulator of your physical, mental, and emotional functioning. It never shuts down; it’s constantly sorting, measuring, interpreting, and analyzing the data you feed it, without a shred of bias. Feed it positive thoughts and emotions and it will respond with positive support; feed it negative thoughts and emotions and it will respond negatively. Think of the computer expression “garbage in, garbage out.” Be fearful and fear is what you’ll get back; be desirous and believing and it will find ways to make it happen for you; believe you’re unlucky and you’ll be unlucky; believe you’re the luckiest soul on the face of the earth and more than likely amazing good fortunate is going to come your way in droves.

You must constantly supply your subconscious with the healthy thoughts, emotions, and expressions it needs to provide the positive support you’ll continuously require to succeed. Indulge in negative thinking, emoting, and verbalizing like “It’s just my luck!” and you’ll be your own worst enemy. Salespeople who go down for the count usually do so because they self-destructed via negative subconscious programming.

The next time you hear yourself using a negative expression, put an immediate halt to it; replace it with a positive expression. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. You’ll be making your own luck!