Making A Difference In 2013: Help 1000′s Get Access To Clean Water! – by David Brock

Dave brock

The events of the past week, not just in Connecticut, but tragedies we hear about, as well as those we don’t, around the world force each of us to pause and reflect.  We struggle to understand or put meaning to these tragedies.

Some years ago, I started this blog, titled, Making A Difference. My goal was to have an impact on people’s lives. Their lives as business professionals and leaders. In turn I hoped they would have an impact on the lives of others, paying forward with their experience, mentoring, and teaching.

As I’ve reflected on the events of the past week, I’ve decided it’s important to have a greater impact. For years, I’ve been studying the issue of clean drinking water. The absence of potable water impacts the lives of 100′s of millions around the world. The absence of clean drinking water prevents millions from going to school, from building the economies of their communities, and from growing and contributing.  For them, getting clean water is about survival!

For more information on the problem of clean, potable water, look at this:  Water Facts From Charity:Water.

So I’ve decided to start a campaign that will run through 2013. My goal is to raise $10′s of thousands, with 100% of it going to fund water projects around the world. charity:water has a fascinating model and a great track record for these programs. I’ve started a “mini-site” and want you to contribute! Just click on the link Making A Difference. Every year, 10′s of thousands read my posts. If just a fraction of you contributed $1, we will exceed my goal! Through the year, you will notice a yellow jerrycan icon in the sidebar on the right. Every once in a while, take a moment, click and donate.  Maybe you’ve closed that big deal, maybe a promotion, maybe you are celebrating a birthday.  Take a moment, click on the Jerrycan Icon and contribute.

Periodically, I’ll be featuring materials from charity:water to help you learn about the “water problem,” and to solicit your funding and support.  Also, I believe in putting my money where my mouth, and heart, is—In 2013, I will match the total contributions to the Making A Difference site up to $5000.  Please help me write that check–but don’t let that be a limiter, please keep contributing past that goal!

Please join me in this campaign.  Tell your friends, tweet, pass the word.  Together, imagine the Difference We Can Make!


Dave Brock has spent his career developing high performance organizations.  As a consultant, he is recognized as a thought leader in sales and marketing, new product introductions, and strategic partnering.  He speaks frequently on a wide range of business, sales, leadership, and related topics and has addressed audiences in more than 40 countries around the globe.  He is featured in many leading publications, including Selling Power, CEO Express, ThinkSales, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and other journals and publications around the world.  Dave’s blog is syndicated in a number of sites globally, and appears in several languages.

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