Offer No Resistance – Be the Tai Chi Master — by The Irreverent Sales Girl

Today, I had a sales call with an exceptionally DRY person! What did I do about it? I simply let him be DRY.

When I asked what he thought of my presentation, he said it was “fine” and he had gotten what he needed. My instinct was to forge ahead and sell more. I wanted to move him from “fine” to “fabulous”. What did I need to do to light this guy’s fire?

Instead, I took a breath and asked myself, “What if he is telling the truth and the presentation WAS fine and he HAD gotten what he needed? Just like he said.”

SO, I asked him how we could work together.

And guess what? He HAD thought my presentation was fine and he HAD gotten what he needed. Because the next thing we were doing was developing a plan of action for his company. We moved the business forward. As an added BONUS, he even told me about the competitors he had considered and outlined why he was picking us instead!

This may seem a very simple and obvious story, but that is often how the mastery looks. Fred and Ginger simply float on air, right?

Why had my competitors not gotten the immediate “yes”? Hard to know for sure, but I do know that it was ME who got the deal.

Let’s take a peek behind the scenes and see if there are places in YOUR selling where YOU could fly to success by bringing just this one extra thing.

Here’s the approach: Common sense dictates that I prepare for my meetings and map out my strategy and intended outcomes before the conversation begins. That is basic, but it does not get me all the way there!

Step two is that I go into the meeting committed to an outcome, but not attached to the things they will say.

When I have prepared well and have clearly envisioned what I want to happen, I can then relax. I make it a point to enjoy the conversation. I LISTEN. I always remember that the person on the other end of the phone, or across the table from me, is INTERESTED in what I might be able to offer…otherwise, they would not be there. I allow the conversation to unfold.

When I bring NO RESISTANCE to what someone says, then everything they say is RIGHT. Often, people will lead me directly to the sale. When I bring NO RESISTANCE to a customer’s comments and questions, I create RELATEDNESS. Instead of being someone a buyer has to “deal” with to get a need filled, I become a trusted partner. Perhaps I can even become a friend. Of course, friendship is not required to do business, but it sure makes my life a lot more fun!

I am in the business of Tai Chi selling. I know what I want. Then I listen for what YOU want. If we have a match – PERFECT! If not, we move on. No hard feelings.

Simple. Friendly. Ethical. And Powerful.

No one can beat you when you play the game this way!

Love ‘em up!

The Irreverent Sales Girl


Bringing a dash of dignity, adventure, and poise to the Art of Selling, The Irreverent Sales Girl encourages her clients to seek new horizons and honor their own muse. She offers compelling messages that remind you of who you are and what is possible; a message of hope, challenge, and new thinking–just when you need it most. You can connect with her at her website, and her Facebook page.


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