Are you Blocked into a State of Inaction?

Robert Terson

Do you have a great goal you dream of pursuing but have been unable to take the necessary action to pursue it? Are you blocked in the same way, say, a writer gets Writer’s Block? Your instincts tell you that you can do this thing, it’s yours if you’ll only go after it, but…you just can’t bring yourself to start. Alas, you’re paralyzed by the Great Enemy, fear. I could go into all the reasons why you’re experiencing fear, but that’s not what this particular blog is about.

Everything would be fine if you could just let go of the goal, forget about it, but you just can’t seem to do that, can you? No, you’ve tried that but it doesn’t work—it’s always there with you, nagging at you, causing you to berate yourself for not doing what you tell yourself you want to do, must do. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Hell, it can keep on torturing you for decades, can’t it? In some cases, not a day goes by without thinking about it, feeling the agony of it. You’ll begin tomorrow, you promise yourself, but then tomorrow becomes another “tomorrow” and more “tomorrows” after that.

So here’s the vital question for you to ponder: What do you think is the greater agony to deal with—the pain of procrastination that you’re beating yourself up with day in and day out, or the difficulty of the project itself? I mean, why keep torturing yourself about it when you know down deep that you’re going to have to get to it eventually, that you’re never going to let it go, that sooner or later you’re going to have to, as Nike says, do it? Wouldn’t it be far better to tackle it now, get it over with, just to put a stop to the self-flagellation you’re enduring? What do you think?

Yeah, I know about this stuff because I’ve tortured myself plenty in years gone by. I eventually learned it’s far better to just do it, than put yourself through all that crap for no good reason. It would be one thing if it got you off the hook, but it doesn’t! The great goal keeps flashing its neon sign in front of you until you finally are compelled to throw up your hands and say okay and just DO IT!

Close your eyes and visualize the prize waiting for you. See yourself on the platform accepting the accolades from the throngs who are cheering their lungs out for you. It’s a succulent strawberry in season, just waiting for you to bite into it.

Go ahead, take a bite.


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