Happy Memorial Day!

Robert Terson

In the mid-1960s I served in the United States Navy. Fortunately, I was never in any danger of losing my life: I spent my entire service in the United States, mostly in southern California.

A number of my friends weren’t so lucky. A good many went to Vietnam, and some of them came home in body bags. They served their country with distinction; they should never be forgotten.

Nor should the generation that came before them, the generation that fought World War II, which included Nicki’s two uncles. Uncle Bob went down on the USS Indianapolis, was one of the 300 survivors out of the 1,196 men who went into the water; the sharks got the rest. Uncle Rick was a member of the special unit T-Force; they were the ones who always went in first in Germany, taking control of places like the Reich Headquarters in Munich.

And let’s not forget all the other men and women who came before them, who fought and died to preserve our freedom, from 1776 all the way up to World War II. They all need to be remembered and given a thank you. On this day and every day.

To all my fellow Americans: enjoy this day, but take the time to remember…and say thank you to those brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


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