A Book Review: “Quit Whining and Start SELLING” by Kelly Riggs

Robert Terson

Quit Whining and Start SELLING_BookCover_Final_SmallToday’s blog is a review of a new book, Quit Whining and Start SELLING: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Hall of Fame Career in Sales by my dear friend and STA-Sales-Mastermind-Group colleague Kelly Riggs. There isn’t a finer man in the sales training/coaching/speaking business! The Kindle version is now available on Amazon.com, and the paperback version will be available any day now.

Kelly Riggs is an author, speaker, and business performance coach for executives and companies throughout the United States, and is widely recognized as a powerful speaker and dynamic trainer in the fields of leadership, sales development, and strategic planning.

He is a former two-time national Salesperson-of-the-Year with over two decades of sales management and sales training experience, including the development of two corporate sales training programs in two different industries.

Kelly is also the founder and president of Vmax Performance Group, a business performance improvement company located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. His passion is developing people-focused managers and high-performance salespeople.

Kelly has written extensively for numerous industry publications, and his first book, 1-on-1 Management™: What Every Great Manager Knows That You Don’t, was released in 2008.

Full disclosure: Beginning in October 2011, I’ve had the privilege of being Kelly’s sounding board, of giving him, at different stages in the project, my opinion of his new creation. (He calls it “coaching,” but I think that’s a stretch.) After reading the final manuscript draft of Quit Whining and Start SELLING, this is the blurb I wrote for the book:

Quit Whining and Start SELLING is not only the most comprehensive book on B2B complex selling I’ve ever read, it’s a spot-on fun read that captured me from the first paragraph through the final chapter. Why? Because Kelly tells so many great stories throughout the book to illustrate the important points he wants you to absorb. I can’t urge you enough to order it today! This is an invaluable resource that could change your life. If you become the salesperson Kelly Riggs wants you to be, it just might turn out to be the best investment you’ll ever make for your sales career.”

I want you to know, I meant every word! Yeah, that’s how fantastic I think this book is! I keep going back to it time and time again. It’s become my number one resource for understanding and getting the information I need re the complex sale. I think it’s so important you have your own copy of this book, I’m urging you with everything that I have in me to order it today, now, right this minute! I promise, you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a complete breakdown of the books Contents:



Part I: Getting Started

Ch. 1:    The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Ch. 2:    The Value of Five More Hits

Ch. 3:    Lost the Whining

Ch. 4:    The First Three Steps of Your Journey

Part II: What Are You Selling?

     Ch. 5:    The Better Mouse Theory

     Ch. 6:    “Why Should I Buy From You?”

Ch. 7:    The Illusion of Great Quality and Excellent


Ch. 8:    Who is Selling Whom?

Ch. 9:    The Problem With ‘Lowest Price’

Ch. 10:   Painting by Numbers

Part III: The 1-on-1 Selling™ Process

Ch. 11:   The Foundation of Consistent Sales


Ch. 12:   The Right Place at the Right Time

Part IV: Planning

Ch. 13:   Plan to Win

Ch. 14:   Pareto—A Salesperson’s Best Friend

Ch. 15:   The Real Value of KEY Accounts

Ch. 16:   TARGETS of Opportunity

Ch. 17:   The Devil is in the Details

Part V: Discovery

Ch. 18:   The Art of the Interview

Ch. 19:   Is Your Customer Qualified?

Ch. 20:   Managing Your First Impression

Ch. 21:   The Initial Sales Call

Ch. 22:   Skip the Interrogation

Ch. 23:   A Successful Sales Starts with a


Ch. 24:   Filling in the Blanks

Ch. 25:   No Credibility, No Sale

Ch. 26:   Hidden Treasure

Ch. 27:   You Feel Me?

Ch. 28:   The Hazards of Change

Ch. 29:   Your First Closing Attempt

Part VI: Presentation

Ch. 30:   Ready. Fire! (Aim.)

Ch. 31:   The Classic Credibility Blunder

Ch. 32:   And Here’s the Pitch

Ch. 33:   No Points for Style

Ch. 34:   Dead Money

Ch. 35:   Make it ‘Sticky’

Ch. 36:   Create an Impression

Ch. 37:   Reaching the Finish Line

Ch. 38:   No Place Like Home

Part VII: Delivery

Ch. 39:   Deliver the Goods

Ch. 40:   Leverage Your Success

Part VIII: Success Habits

Ch. 41:   Personal Marketing

Ch. 42:   Avoiding elevators

Ch. 43:   Talent is Overrated

Ch. 44:   From Here to There

Ch. 45:   The House Edge

Ch. 46:   Are You a Professional Visitor?

Ch. 47:   What is a Relationship Worth?

Part IX: The Road Ahead

Ch. 48:   The Potential for Greatness

Chapter Notes

About the Author

As you know, I read and review a lot of sales books. They don’t get any better than Kelly Riggs’s Masterpiece, my friends! It’s going to make a ton of money for you!