Should You Be a Salesperson?

Robert Terson

My friend and mentor Chris Lytle is the author of The Accidental Salesperson and The Accidental Sales Manager, both terrific reads. No one influenced the rewrite of Selling Fearlessly more than Chris did; he’s an amazing guy!

Chris originally wound up in sales by “accident”; it wasn’t a choice he made, it wasn’t something he planned. Many of you are in the same boat: you’re knee-deep into a career that you didn’t pick; it picked you. For those of you who are happy with your selling career, you wound up with a joyful ending—congratulations; but what about those of you who aren’t happy, are, in fact, downright miserable every working day of your life? Those of you who stare at the telephone like it’s the rack, who’d rather swim naked in Lake Michigan on a 20-below-0 day in mid-January than make a cold call. The question today’s blog-title asks is for you.

Here’s the straight skinny, as we used to say in the Navy: you can change your environment or you can change your thinking, which is a hell of a lot easier than changing your environment…unless your level of misery is so great that a stroke is your destiny. Why torture yourself so? Why ruin your Sundays thinking about the horrific Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday starring at you? Life is too short for that, isn’t it? Why not find a meaningful way to make a living that will bring joy into your life, instead of the misery you’re now dealing with?

So, again, the question of the day is, Should you be a salesperson? “To thine own self be true,” Shakespeare said. This isn’t a question you want to screw around with; this is a question you want to ponder to the deepest regions of your soul, discuss with your spouse. A salesperson does research, makes calls, sets appointments, gives presentations, and sells. If you don’t want to do research, make calls, set appointments, give presentations, and sell, pick another line of work. You’ll save yourself and your employer a lot of needless disappointment and agony.

To say nothing of avoiding that stroke!


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