Jim Keenan’s “A Sales Guy U”

Robert Terson


This is going to be the shortest, but one of the most valuable, blogs I’ve ever posted.

My friend and STA Sales Mastermind Group colleague Jim Keenan has developed a new site you need to know about. It’s a comprehensive site for sales resources—everything from Videos, to Webinars, to Books and Ebooks. You can check it out here: www.asalesguyu.com.

Jim Keenan has 20 years of experience selling, teaching people how to sell, finding the Elephant in the room, being an agitator, making his number, helping people make their numbers, solving customer problems (not just customer problems, but all problems). He’s a Dad, PSIA Level 2 Certified Ski Instructor at Vail, and Senior Partner and Founder of A Sales Guy Consulting.  If that’s not enough, he says, he’s in trouble.  You’ll find him at his website, asalesguyconsulting.com, or his blog, asalesguy.com.

As Jim says, “If I achieve my vision, A Sales Guy U will be THE place for salespeople and sales leaders to find the tools and resources they need to be successful.”

Knowing Jim Keenan as I do, I don’t have a doubt about it!


Get your free Preview of Selling Fearlessly’s Chapter 1 here.