Focus: The Power is Unlimited – by Paul Alves

As I sit here with two days left in the quarter I realize what a bump in productivity we get when the pressure is on.  Sales has several new prospects who could close for the quarter, all the reps are pushing to get a few more opportunities passed, the directors are pushing for the best possible results as they look to prepare our clients’ quarterly reviews.

The team is dressed to impress visiting clients and prospects, the reps are working the phones, the office is abuzz with intensity.  Love it!

It never ceases to amaze me what can be accomplished when an individual, team, or an entire company is totally focused.  I have seen it for years.  The top-tier companies and individuals have the ability to stay focused and stay focused on the things that will make them successful.  For a company, it’s all about staying focused on providing customer value and improving the customer experience.  On an individual level it’s still about the customer or prospects seeing value and enjoying the customer experience or the process of working with a sales rep through the buying process.

When I look at the our team, it’s no surprise that the reps that are at their desk speaking to prospects a majority of the time are the ones passing the most opportunities to our clients.  Having great managers, great technology and a great process is very helpful in helping the team to maintain focus.  But it ultimately comes down to the individual.  It’s not easy, I know, I have been in sales for a long time.  However, if you are able to harness the power of focus, the rewards are substantial.

I know it is not realistic to maintain “end of quarter focus” all the time, we all need to relax have a few laughs and enjoy the people we work with.  It’s important to build a culture where people enjoy coming to work.  A couple things we have done to bring our overall level of focus and productivity up, are contests; sounds obvious, but they are a lot of fun and really work.  The other is building teams with a specific goal, which people can participate in above and beyond their normal job description.  People love to be a part of something bigger than their everyday job that has a direct impact on the company’s success..  For example we have a social-media team, a company morale team, a technology team, and a recruitment team.  Each team meets regularly to discuss how they can affect improvement in each of their specific areas of focus.  Amazing what happens when you give autonomy to a bunch of smart, motivated people.

Not limiting our team members to their job descriptions has turned out to be a real win-win.  A happy team who has more opportunity to focus on driving to an alignment of customer, company and personal goals.


Paul Alves is Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder AG Salesworks.  He started the company in 2002 with his business partner and AG Salesworks President and Chief Operations Officer Peter Gracey.  In his current position, Paul is responsible for developing and executing longterm corporate strategy and building overall company value.  He is also serving as the acting Vice President of Sales with oversight responsibility for driving corporate revenue.  Prior to founding AG Salesworks, Alves and Gracey worked together at Webhire (now Kenexa), a software firm selling applicant-tracking software to companies ranging from startup to Fortune 500.

“By providing an environment where our team can grow professionally, financially and personally we are able to develop and maintain a team of professionals who set the standard for excellence in this industry. Having access to this level of talent brings tremendous value through best in class process to the sales & marketing teams of our clients.”

Paul Alves,
Chief Executive Officer


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