A Book Review: “Principled Selling: How to Win More Business Without Selling Your Soul” by David Tovey

David Tovey

David Tovey

Today’s blog is a book review of David Tovey’s Principled Selling: How to Win More Business Without Selling Your Soul. David is from the UK and is a motivational speaker, coach, consultant, as well as a published author. With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, David works with individuals and organizations to help them achieve outstanding sales growth with a joined up approach to inbound marketing, social media, sales, major account management and sales leadership. He’s also a guest-blog contributor to this site.

Principled Selling, like Charles H. Green’s Trust-Based Selling: Using Customer Focus and Collaboration to Build Long-Term Relationships, focuses on ethical selling, as opposed to the all too typical methodology of controlling, manipulating the buyer into submission. In fact, Charlie Green—Charlie is a colleague of mine in the STA Sales Mastermind Group, a guest-post contributor to this site, and someone I have the highest respect for—wrote the Foreword for Principled Selling. That alone should tell you it’s a worthy read. He said, “The title is quite appropriate, because while selling is frequently considered a subcomponent of marketing, in my view—and I think David Tovey’s as well—the reverse is more true. All buying is personal, and all marketing is really a prelude to buying; hence the proper approach to marketing ought to start with the principles of selling; and hence David Tovey replaces ‘marketing’ with ‘motivation’.” I couldn’t agree more.

Charlie goes on to say, “Principled Selling is based on an elegantly simple idea: sellers should adapt to what the buyer is interested in buying—in the buyer’s terms, from the buyer’s perspective, and in the buyer’s timeframe. Call that “respect for the buyer”, if you will. Respect for the buyer means the seller adheres to certain principles—simple ones like don’t promise what you can’t deliver, act with integrity, be transparent and authentic, and above all—have good intentions.” Amen!

I found the book a worthwhile read and I think you will, too. I especially enjoyed the case studies David proffers throughout the book. This isn’t a book of technique; it’s more an approach to selling that, in David Tovey’s own words, “…makes winning business one of the most natural and comfortable activities to be involved in.” You’ll learn:

1. How to sustain long-term sales growth.

2. How to motivate potential customers and clients to meet and buy from you.

3. How to maintain customer loyalty.

4. How to create more business with key clients.

5. How to differentiate your business by how you sell.

6. How to become a trusted supplier and advisor.

7. How to use social media effectively.

8. How to build a business development culture for your business.

The book is divided into three sections:

Section one: The Principled Selling Approach

  • Winning more business today
  • The five principles of Principled Selling

Section two: Principled Selling in Action

  • The Principled Selling Growth Model
  • Bringing the Growth Model to life
  • M2M (motivate to meet) marketing
  • Winning more business with networking and social media
  • M2B (motivating customers to buy)
  • M2B (motivate to buy) skills and behaviors
  • Proposals and presentations that WOW!
  • Principled Selling key account management

Section three: Building a Principled Selling Culture

  • The Principled Organisation
  • Attitude and making time for Principled Selling.

You can order Principled Selling at Amazon.com. I think you’ll find it a worthwhile investment. I think you’ll find David Tovey’s philosophy of selling will put money in your pocket.


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