The Power of Video Testimonials

Robert Terson

In January I published a blog entitled “Testimonials.” In it I said:

My friend, architect Barry Thalden, pointed out to me that in our modern technological world videotaped testimonials from satisfied clients and consumers would be an even more powerful proof sequence than what I used for four decades. I concur, go for it. Despite my non-techie nature, if I were still selling advertising, I’d pounce on that idea quicker than Brian Urlacher can sack a quarterback.

This is how I’d go about getting them: I’d contact some of my most-satisfied clients/customers (you do have satisfied clients/customers, I hope; if you don’t, you need to go into a different business!), and ask for their help. I’d ask them to give a short two- to three-minute videotaped testimonial. I’d also make a list of the points I’d hope to highlight in the video and I’d go over these points with each individual, much the same way a movie director might go over the lines of a script with an actor. Of course, the more professional you can make the video, the better; tell the Powers That Be in your company that it takes money to make money—good luck with selling them on that point.

If you walk into a presentation with enough testimonial firepower, especially if it’s in the form of video, you’re going to present a proof sequence that’s going to bowl them over. You’re going to make a lot more sales and you’re going to earn a lot more money—for both you and the company.

In the daily conversations I have with salespeople/sales managers who call me for help, I often proffer the idea of video testimonials, and I’ve yet to have anyone tell me they think it’s anything less than a terrific idea. “What a great idea,” I usually hear. It just surprises me, folks, that these people haven’t come up with the idea on their own. It seems so simple, basic in this day and age, doesn’t it?

And it isn’t just in the presentation that you can use video testimonials. Make them effective enough and they can be an integral part of your approach. You can even insert them in emails. Think about it: your prospect clicks on a video or two and you receive third-party affirmation about you, your company, your product or service. Powerful third-party affirmation! Think that might influence a prospect a lot more than just your word that you’re offering the greatest thing this side of the Mississippi River?

I’ll tell you flat out, use well-made video testimonials the right way and they’ll dramatically increase your sales.

I’ve asked one of my coaching clients to make one for me; you’ll soon see it on this site.


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