Do You Have an Information-Packed Boring Approach?

Robert Terson

I was working with a coaching client who just happens to sell advertising (that’s what I did for over 40 years, folks), and the subject of his approach came up. I quickly learned three things about his approach:

1. He was using email instead of the telephone.

2. He was inserting far too much information into these emails, information that should have been saved for a presentation.

3. He was boring the hell out of his prospects.

Now, you should know that this client is a smart, dynamic, successful businessman; I admire him—a lot—personally, as well as professionally! Really, he’s a sensational guy (I’m having the time of my life coaching him, watching him soar towards Greatness)! But it became obvious to me that, successful as he is, he could be a lot more successful, if he changed things around a bit. I suggested he use the telephone to approach his prospects instead of email; I believe in the telephone, I believe it’s being underused these days. I suggested he proffer just enough information to entice his prospects into agreeing to a presentation, that that was the purpose of the approach and only that. Then I worked with him on pumping a lot more enthusiasm/excitement into his delivery. I even gave him concrete examples of the wording I’d use. I went to Chapter 34 of Selling Fearlessly, The Approach, and read him material that I thought would work for him.

As I said, this is a smart man, and he immediately saw the value of what I was describing to him. “Oh my God!” he said, “I can see how this would work far better than what I’ve been doing. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty darn good salesman, but I can see now how much more effective I can be; wow!” And he’s already proven those words to be true.

This got me to thinking: How many of you are basking in your success, but unaware that you could be garnering a tremendously greater amount of business success, if you’d open your mind somewhat and start working with a sales coach who has the ability to analyze what you’re now doing and offer concrete suggestions to improve upon it

Or is ignorance bliss? Just kidding.

The more I talk to salespeople and businesspeople, the more I realize how terribly in need of hands-on specific training most are. Just because you’re successful doesn’t preclude this need. It just may be that some specific coaching could increase your level of success to heights you’ve never imagined. Seventy to 80% of companies don’t provide any sales training at all, or not enough of the right kind of training; they’re pennywise and pound-foolish about bringing in someone who could make a huge difference for their people, so you might need to take things into your own hands.

Give it some thought. I’m not looking to increase my own coaching/training load, my friends; I’ve set strict limits on how much of that work I’m going to engage in during my retirement years.

No, it’s you I’m thinking about.

And believe me, I’m not the only guy around who can help you become more successful. There are a lot of great sales coaches in this world. Quite a number of them are good friends of mine.

As I said, give it some thought. Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish! Don’t let your Saturation Point (see Chapter 26 of Selling Fearlessly) cloud your thinking.


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