2013 Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blogs from Top Sales World

Robert Terson

Top50BLOG_13_150x150_01This month, Top Sales World announced the 2013 Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blogs. They said: At the last count, it was estimated that there are more than 500 million blogs on the internet, plus around 250 million in China: How many of these are sales and marketing related? Nobody knows for sure, so we simply assessed the ones we know about.

Every May, we announce the “Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers”—and as a logical next exercise, we have decided to assess around one hundred popular sales and marketing blogs, and compile what we believe to be the best fifty from that long list. The criteria we used to benchmark each blog was:

  • Quality of the written word, including use of grammar, punctuation and originality
  • Ability to educate or entertain—specifically, giving something back rather than “pitching” continually
  • Popularity—i.e. visitor numbers
  • Social media exposure—Tweets, LinkedIn/Facebook/Google+ promotion
  • Blog design—cosmetic appearance
  • Finally, regularity of posts

We use the same team of independent researchers that we hired to carry out the “Influencers” exercise, and may we take this opportunity to thank them for yet another superb job.

In 2013 we have “lost” ten entries from 2012 – and of course that means that we have ten new blogs making an appearance on the list for the first time. Congratulations to all of our fifty bloggers!

Do I have a sense of pride that Sellingfearlessly.com made the Top 50 list? Yes, of course; who wouldn’t? But the main reason I wanted to bring this Top 50 Blog list to your attention isn’t to pat myself on the back (God only knows if they’ll think this old goat will be worthy of inclusion next year and beyond) or send out a commercial. No, I just wanted you to be aware of all these great people and their sensational blogs, so…in case, for some odd reason, you haven’t been reading their fabulous offerings, you can immediately do something about that. Trust me, it’s in your best interest to spend time at their sites, read what they have to say.

They’re proffering this material to help you.

Take advantage of it!


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