The Power of the Team – by Dave Cooke

One of my childhood heroes is Bo Schembechler, legendary Head Football Coach at the University of Michigan.  While there are several mantras attributed to Bo, the one that resonates with me more today, more than ever, is “It is all about the Team, the Team, the Team.”  Bo’s entire coaching philosophy was built on the premise that the accomplishments of the Team are all that matters.  The accomplishment of his teams and the lessons they learned from their team-oriented success drive his former players today.

While we are likely to readily recognize the potential for team in many aspects of our professional lives, too many people underestimate the power and strength and accomplishment that a focused, committed, and collaborative team can bring to our daily activities.  Our personal lives, our professional growth and development, our daily routines and our life challenges – even the ones that appear to be individual by nature — require and depend upon the resources of a committed, focused team.

There is nothing that we can completely be successful at without the support and involvement of our team.  Having the gratitude and the humility to discover and access the resources that can best assist in your quests will facilitate incredible outcomes in your life.  You cannot go it alone – true success is team dependent.

Many business organizations struggle today because of their inability to build, inspire, and leverage the power of a committed team to accomplish great objectives.  The corporate culture is made up of functional silos, disenfranchised employees, ineffective managerial leadership, and disenchanted customers.  These issues are all by-products of the inability of organizations to discover and leverage the power of their teams in focused, collaborative commitment to a unified goal and outcome.  They do not understand the importance of  the Team.

In my 100Pedals journey ( I struggled with the notion of team, as well.  As I battled with the addiction related issues of my son, Brandon, I was convinced I was fighting this fight alone.  Once I recognized and embraced the support, guidance, and experience of those around me, I was able to learn, grow, discover, and succeed in ways not previously possible.  Once I built I team of resources to assist me in dealing with the adversity of my son’s addiction related behaviors, I was able to experience incredible outcomes.   It was the Team that provided me the ability to be successful.

Whatever you are working on as an individual, as a business owner, as a parent, or as manager examine how well have you built a committed and supportive team around you.  Your success is dependent upon have a Team that is working together as a single, supportive and committed unit.  If that is missing in your life, your business, or in your relationships, you are working a lot harder than you need to.

Your first task is to build the Team.  You cannot get anywhere quickly without one.  And, you will find greater energy, opportunity, and accomplishment once you do.  Remember, it is all about the Team, the Team, the Team.


Dave Cooke is the CEO of Strategic Resource Group, LLC and a nationally recognized speaker, author, trainer and growth expert. He leverages his 25 years sales and marketing experience to create and implement strategic initiatives and develop educational programs which increase both revenues and profits. You can connect with Dave at, his Twitter Pages–@salescooke & @100pedalsLinkedIn, or email him at


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